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Posted: by whYte Mecule
Last Reply: by Locofly
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"ok i dont know how much help this is but i've heard that if you saok a corner of a towel in water and then dribbles some alcahol on then light it up it will be in perfect condition when..."
Posted: by Austin
Last Reply: by Astar
Views: 852    Replies: 4
"ok i know this has been covered a quadgillzillimillion times but when usin different coloured flames what is the best fuel to use. Please dont get this confused with the chemicals as i..."
Posted: by tjoni
Last Reply: by SilverEyes
Views: 670    Replies: 2
"I'm sure there was a post on this a while ago, which I can't find now.. Does anyone know how to treat fabrics (including synthetics) to make them fireproof? Many thanks. XXOO"
Posted: by Austin
Last Reply: by NYC
Views: 961    Replies: 4
"I have poi that r wires instead of chains. But as time has passed they seem to be kinking and now its getting quite bad, i mean it dont make much of a difference when im spinning excep..."
Posted: by sunn604
Last Reply: by Raphael96
Views: 2235    Replies: 12
"Hi, I am in the process of constructing my very first fire poi. I used the cathedral style construction and hold it together with a large screw and two lock nuts on the bottom. As this ..."
Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
Views: 1937    Replies: 10
"Hi all!We've got an audtion tonight and we're using lots of UV things.I painted up some white robot masks as as experiment but when I put them under the light, the white masks weren't U..."
Posted: by Raphael96
Last Reply: by SickpuPpy
Views: 1317    Replies: 14
"What aspects of fire staff construction are important to look for when buying one?There seem to be quite a few different designs and I'd like to make the right choice.Having a staff tha..."
Posted: by Tigur
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 2517    Replies: 19
"does cold weather affect fire breatheing in any way?i'm up here in Alberta canada and i was wondering if cold weather like -15 degrees celsius - -30 degrees celsius affect fire breathin..."
Posted: by Astar
Views: 1970    Replies: 0
"I couldn't find any pictures of veggie oil fire breathing and a lot of people seemed interested in the subject. These were taken a couple of weeks ago of my first time fire breathing. ..."
Posted: by EnigmA
Last Reply: by Phuhzzzie Wuhzzzie the Pumpkin King
Views: 3748    Replies: 33
"We all know of the popular double poi and staff and it's variations, flags, staff with one big flag covering the intire staff, the cross configureation staff,clubs,batons ect..My questi..."
Posted: by flid
Last Reply: by Zoltar
Views: 2801    Replies: 4
"DON'T PLAY WITH FIREWORKS!Now we've got that out of the way, has anyone found any good sparklers for poi available in the shops this year? I bought 2 different types from Homebase this ..."
Posted: by Chao5
Last Reply: by Astar
Views: 1246    Replies: 2
"Hey, I'm Ricky and I'm new here so hi everyone.But to the point. I live in an area where i am the only person around interested in fire "arts", and im trying to get started. I have a..."
Posted: by Locofly
Last Reply: by Astar
Views: 5756    Replies: 13
"hey have any of you guys ever dunked tennis balls in rubber cement, sparked them up and played fire street tennis at night? werd."
Posted: by gάrbǿ
Last Reply: by ZZ
Views: 4681    Replies: 25
"Does anyone know where you can buy kevlar cheaper in bulk and how muchyou need to buy to be able to get it cheaper .cheer guys &lbr;garbo&rbr; &lbr; 03 September 2002, 01:12:..."
Posted: by Maximus
Last Reply: by Maximus
Views: 2236    Replies: 7
"What's in your first aid kit? Here's what we pack:a. Semi-clear plastic luchbox to put everthing in. Semi-clear and you can hold it up and see what your looking for.b. Aloe vera spray..."
Posted: by Hecatonchires
Last Reply: by burnfest
Views: 1586    Replies: 6
"Looking for a source of perspex rod. Something about 1 to 1.5 cm across. Need about a meter of it.Why? Hoping to make decent LED poi, an LED staff and have a bit of a play. Glowstick..."
Posted: by greenfyregirl
Last Reply: by SickpuPpy
Views: 1420    Replies: 4
"Ive asked this in the 'bearclaw snakes' thread, but i thought id do a separate entry before it gets lost!!!! can anyone help? "
Posted: by xamax1
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 903    Replies: 1
"Hey Everybody,I haven't been on the boards a lot lately, so I'm not sure if anybody's talked about these things yet, but I doubt they have, so I will.I was looking through this catalogu..."
Posted: by .fireproof.
Last Reply: by .fireproof.
Views: 2192    Replies: 2
"I want to host an event at the beach.On top of fire performance I want to get an internet connection there, for all you cyber gats out there could someone tell me how this could go abou..."
Posted: by .fireproof.
Last Reply: by .fireproof.
Views: 1449    Replies: 5
"this is a follow up question to how to get "cableless internet connection". With all your computer ware set up (dsl/phone line,laptop,wi-fi), there exists the power source... What I wa..."
Posted: by Code128
Last Reply: by Sailor25
Views: 3653    Replies: 31
"Does anyone know the answer to this?How about the differences between a Lamp Oil Soak and a Coleman Soak?Thanks Code128"
Posted: by Mike
Last Reply: by Tedward
Views: 2547    Replies: 6
"I want to make some metal stilts and can find only wooden designs on the net. Does anyone know where I can find a design for them?"
Posted: by SARA-JANE
Last Reply: by Hitokage
Views: 1193    Replies: 9
"does anyone know where i can get some small uv lights to make my comet poi look all pretty and bright??? maybe ebay??? "
Posted: by plucho101
Last Reply: by _Stix_
Views: 1384    Replies: 7
"Hi there,I've been practicing poi for about two months now ( with tennis balls) I found it quite helpful since the weight helps you get momentum. Now, last week I tried doing the same m..."
Posted: by Deep
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 637    Replies: 1
"I dont know anything about fire breathing but surely the more alcoholic of drinks, Brandy, Whisky etc could be just as effective as the fuel that breathers use?Plus it doesnt matter rea..."
Posted: by .fireproof.
Last Reply: by FreMke3
Views: 1329    Replies: 4
"Okay before I go out and douse my countach full of this stuff Someone tell me if they have ever lit up with vegetable oil and what the heck it does to kevlar? I think it would smell l..."
Posted: by fire and ice
Last Reply: by FreMke3
Views: 2320    Replies: 15
"Does anyone know where I can find kevlar on Vancouver Island?... I'm in Victoria, but I've given up searching here. I'm getting tired of making coupletime-use wicks.Thanks!"
Posted: by Sailor25
Last Reply: by Sailor25
Views: 741    Replies: 4
"I have a big problem... I have a show tomorrow night, and my Poi still arn't here. So I was hoping someone could give me hint's on how to make them. I know how to make the chains, and w..."
Posted: by gάrbǿ
Last Reply: by Blackbird
Views: 1769    Replies: 8
"Ok, dilema,Bought some metal cable to make some poi cables with and then realisedthat fasioning the ends into anything that remotely looks likea loop is very difficult not do but to sec..."
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by Blackbird
Views: 1015    Replies: 2
"Here's throwing out an idea:Gyroscopes, the type you wind up with a string and pull, are annoying. However, there do exist gyroscopes that run off batteries and an electric motor. They ..."
Posted: by phuzzz
Last Reply: by Sailor25
Views: 5250    Replies: 19
"well, never done fire eating before so i guess im looking for everything from a how to build wicks thingie to how to treat lip burns and everything in between. all i know is this wire:..."
Posted: by Torrent
Last Reply: by flash fire
Views: 762    Replies: 1
"has ne else used these personally I think they're great"
Posted: by Raphael96
Last Reply: by Stone
Views: 948    Replies: 4
"How did cathedral wicks get their name?Why do they burn so much longer than the rolled kind of wicks?Thanks!Raph"
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by Kyrian
Views: 3752    Replies: 13
"i did a few searches and didn't find anything, so here goes. I wanted to do this in technical because altho i am posting for staffers you can apply a lot of this to other toys or weapon..."
Posted: by MrConfused
Last Reply: by FreMke3
Views: 1937    Replies: 23
"I just split my dowel shaft Is there any particular wood that is maybe a little harder wearing, or do I just need to be less abusive to my staff?J"
Posted: by plucho101
Last Reply: by adamrice
Views: 659    Replies: 1
"quick question: what`s the difference between a #13 SS and a #15 NPS chain?Wich one is more handy to use?thanx"
Posted: by Felicity
Last Reply: by Shubby
Views: 836    Replies: 3
"Hey guys, I'm doing a write up-waste-of-time-strange-thing-that-i-don't-understand on meteors for a friend about fire toys, but I can't find a pic of a meteor anywhere, and I don't real..."
Posted: by fire fly
Last Reply: by fire fly
Views: 2886    Replies: 5
"hey im in the south waikato of New Zealand and i need to re-wick my poi's but i have only found it if 1 place and that was a gispy fair but the wick they had was too thick the wick on m..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 1009    Replies: 6
"hi iam considering getting a new staff, i currently own a 5 foot aluminum staff with 2 wood inserts at either end, and single wick on each end, it is 3.4" thick. I got a quote from fire..."
Posted: by AstroBoy
Last Reply: by flid
Views: 1049    Replies: 5
"I just ordered some electroglo poi from this site and I was just wondering if anyone has them. I just want to know if they are very durable and how much they hurt when you hit your self..."
Posted: by ArielK
Last Reply: by ArielK
Views: 748    Replies: 3
"Anyone have any tips for making a pair of these yourself?"
Posted: by Spiral_ko
Last Reply: by Locofly
Views: 1136    Replies: 9
"Hiya loverly people....I have recently become a fire worshiper and have bought myself a set of cathedrals. I have used them 3 times. The first time I ever used them I soaked them ..."
Posted: by coleman
Last Reply: by FreMke3
Views: 699    Replies: 7
"spinny thingslines and lines and lines and lines and lines!what do they do...?i've never even heard about these things let alone seen someone playing with them. anyone tried 'em?"
Posted: by master sodium
Last Reply: by master sodium
Views: 820    Replies: 3
"so I was just wondering if there is really any differences in the thickness of wicking (1/8 vs. 1/16) rather then the obvious fact you need to use twice as much 1/16. will the 1/16 wear..."
Posted: by jeremy
Last Reply: by swiftythefireguy
Views: 6771    Replies: 27
"has anyone had experience with mixing potassium permanganate and kero??? ive read a few msds'and i think it will be ok but if anyone has any input im listening!"
Posted: by alleykat
Last Reply: by NYC
Views: 3138    Replies: 11
"I have a question about constructing handles for fire poi: I know that when it comes to clothes for fire, synthetic = bad because it will melt. I would assume the same is true for the..."
Posted: by master sodium
Last Reply: by Fire By Riz tm
Views: 1646    Replies: 5
"anybody know any websites to buy some pure kevlar rope. anybody? please? help?"
Posted: by Stone
Last Reply: by flash fire
Views: 1740    Replies: 14
"There had been a bit of interest shown in club/torch swinging recently so perhaps it's a good time to start a general discussion on club swinging. I really enjoy clubs because I like t..."
Posted: by Raymund Phule (Fireproof)
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 1349    Replies: 14
"I have not learend a new poi/staff move in ages! I am so far from my spinning family that it makes me sick!! Dang anyone got any moves that they can explain with detailed construction..."
Posted: by Victoria
Last Reply: by Dom
Views: 13322    Replies: 3
"ok...can someone please tell me the difference between kerosene and paraffin!!!The way you guys talk about it on here it sounds as though they are the same thing....but my chemistry not..."
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