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Posted:ok i know this has been covered a quadgillzillimillion times but when usin different coloured flames what is the best fuel to use. Please dont get this confused with the chemicals as i know all about them and have go them but what is the best fuel to use???????

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Posted:You are aware that what your doing is on the toxic side. Even though you might not mind, the people down wind from you might care that you are burning rat poison.

Having said all of that (to clear my mind), Denatured Alcohal will desolve your compounds. But also keep in mind that Denatured Alcohal isn't the best thing to be burning, or injesting.

Then I think you have to add the solution to your Kero, or lamp oil. I hear looks really cool. But ounce again it's toxic. I think NYC explained how bad it was in another thread. I remember it sounding bad enough that alot of people decided not to burn the stuff. Just my 2 cents.

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Posted:You need to use a :

quote: "solvent which is based on alcohol, methylated spirits (meths) or pure ethanol to allow the compound to dissolve (with thanks to Xaeda for clarification here)...............
Paraffin, lamp-oil, white gas and other petroleum-based compounds will not allow the chemicals to dissolve."

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Posted:I used methanol. Bad stuff. The major downer was that the flames are literally dimmer than a half used glowstick. I think that almost everyone who's done colored flames has played once with them... then shrugged and said "meh" and went back to the real stuff. It's just not as cool as it sounds.

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Posted:It's really outstanding what some people can do with a pen. It's a shame it's not very visible to an audience.

I think a street magician could do some of it to spice up his routine. Like if part of his routine involved a pen, he could do some elaborate flashy tricks with it for a second or two before going on with his routine.