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Posted: by xamax1
Last Reply: by Pele
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"hey, i'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but i'm not sure which would be better. Anyway, I'm in southern Pennsylvania, right near Philly, and I was thinkin of may be star..."
Posted: by pyromancer
Last Reply: by Earlybird
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"I'm part of a troupe from Saskatchewan, and we trying to organize a tour this summer, but most festivals we want to spin at won't hire us without insurance. I've looked into insurance a..."
Posted: by JeStEr
Last Reply: by JeStEr
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"Sorry about the short notice, but for all Melbourne twirlers St Andrews is having a night market tonight, it's St Andrews 30 anniversary, there will probably be lots of twirling there s..."
Posted: by bender
Last Reply: by JeStEr
Views: 1700    Replies: 9
"Apologies for the above pun.and my appearance... no wait you can't see my boxers...Let's start again shall we?*ahem*People from home of poi! lend me you poi!firetwirl-laden Confest is i..."
Posted: by mischivix
Last Reply: by Glss
Views: 1869    Replies: 15
" http://www.prazzi.com/bjc2002/a nice one of the staffing trio playing in the sun and the JJ hall looks great enjoy HazeXX &lbr; 10 April 2002, 21:33: Message edited by: mischi..."
Posted: by bender
Last Reply: by Stevil
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"For all you psytrance bush doofers living near Melbourne, Earthcore this weekend (12.04.02 -> 14.04.02) will feature quote:Comprehensive program ranging from healing through to pr..."
Posted: by Nell
Views: 559    Replies: 0
"I'm really interested in getting together with some other poi spinners in my area. I live in Blandford, Dorset, England, and I don't know any around here. I'm desperate to meet some p..."
Posted: by Glåss
Last Reply: by mischivix
Views: 6604    Replies: 70
"British Juggling convention 200229th March - April 1st Whitstable in Kentdetails at www.bjc2002.co.uk (which I admit doesn't make it look great for Poiers, but I assure you its a real g..."
Posted: by dangerboy
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"hmmm. i liked the old emoticons better.obviously it's beena while since i was here last. i barely recognize the place. anyhoo, i'm putting a heads up out there for any freaked out alter..."
Posted: by bec
Last Reply: by .:* Moon Pixie *:.
Views: 1528    Replies: 4
"We have a few gigs coming up and are inviting Brisbane(and coast)-based fire performers, twirlers, bellydancers to be part of one or more of them...Briefly... (I'll fill you in on all t..."
Posted: by dibs_star
Last Reply: by Knoxious
Views: 895    Replies: 2
"I live in Edinburgh just underneath Carlton Hill where it takes place. I also know the person who organises the festival, so if anyone is seriously interested in going, I can try and fi..."
Posted: by fireboy
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 933    Replies: 2
"well iam going there tommorow and iam staying till monday so any one out there want to spin with me. EMAIL ME freeky_fireboy@yahoo.comanyone out PPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLEEEEEEZZZZZZEEEE Spin w..."
Posted: by Organized Kaos
Last Reply: by Organized Kaos
Views: 1462    Replies: 6
"Someonesent me an email awhile ago asking me about the spinning scene in toronto cuzhe wantsto starts some spinning workshop in High Park in toronto...after a little bit of correspondan..."
Posted: by Fire Knight
Last Reply: by Fire Knight
Views: 1721    Replies: 7
"Getting excited about BM. Keep an eye out for A couple of the founders touring U.S. with the 50 ft man and some fire performers.I will be attending this thursday the 28th here in Portla..."
Posted: by vyvyan
Last Reply: by Ranunculus
Views: 794    Replies: 1
"Kerri (aka Vyvyan) from Fireworksdance here, finally, in the really really home of poi, NZ!!!! Doing my mecca and tribute to my specialty, going to the cultural source. Gonna be travell..."
Posted: by travelling circus
Views: 1054    Replies: 0
" Some lively, lovely anti-capitalist folks are doing a travelling circus for Mayday, (1st May). Bring yer moveable feats/noise-making things/hearts and minds onto the streets of Mayfai..."
Posted: by travelling circus
Views: 1003    Replies: 0
"Some lively, lovely anti-capitalist folks are doing a travelling circus on the streets of Mayfair, London on 1st May so bring yer moveable feats/circus skills/noise-making things -- see..."
Posted: by Organized Kaos
Last Reply: by GlowWorm
Views: 601    Replies: 1
"Ye, so I'm heading back tomy home country, Sunny South Africa for a two week vacation this summer and I was wondering if there are any gatherings planned for the month of August.I've ne..."
Posted: by WildChild
Views: 1164    Replies: 0
"So, who will be seen @ the Rustlers Easter Festival this year?We, "Hybrid Performing Arts", have been invited and, with the exception of one member, will be there.Any other SA fire comm..."
Posted: by Random
Last Reply: by Dom
Views: 3564    Replies: 21
"I have in idea of how to get some free tickets into Glastonbury how about getting in touch with the organizers offering free poi lessons to all. It is something I've not seen done there..."
Posted: by Mayhem
Last Reply: by Mayhem
Views: 1749    Replies: 4
"Hello all!I am new to poi and twirling. I do staff work and whip chain work and have spun glow sticks, but want to move on to fire twirling and i am wondering if there is a gathering of..."
Posted: by orange
Last Reply: by mischivix
Views: 962    Replies: 2
"the poi force is strong in this 1 !!!country that is...lets show it at the b.j.c.poi workshops for those not banded with local brethren/sisteren? yet and big groups of fire people mmmm..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by maeon
Views: 1623    Replies: 16
"I have been following the "Pyrolympics" a fair bit. The concept of having one was brought up a long time ago on here, and since the site went up, I have been kind of following it.Now, p..."
Posted: by elliw
Last Reply: by Cantus
Views: 1308    Replies: 13
"to all the english folk, i'm a lone twirler.i dont know anyone that spins and was wondering if anyone knows of poi and staff workshops near lincolnshire. im willing to travel a little. ..."
Posted: by Deviant HPC
Last Reply: by Moohaahaa
Views: 1304    Replies: 4
"Greetings all..Have you ever had the urge to just jump onstage and show 2500 people what you have got...Im currently running a project on getting allthe performers that have never had t..."
Posted: by tara
Views: 487    Replies: 0
"i:m going from Hokkaido to the Earth Celebration on Sado island in Niigata. i:m looking for other people to spin with at night on the beach, anyone else going? for more info check htt..."
Posted: by clairebear
Last Reply: by Cantus
Views: 934    Replies: 2
"Ok, so maybe I am being a little pr-emptive, maybe I'm just an over excitable sort of gal, But I just had to ask (and huge apologies to thoses of you who can't go)....Who's going to be ..."
Posted: by bec
Last Reply: by bec
Views: 1066    Replies: 2
"...anyone planning to be at the National this year?We're doing a show each night in the new circus venue there - which will be followed by a "World at Your Feet" dance party + some stil..."
Posted: by moonmusic
Views: 665    Replies: 0
"Hi all you SF spinners. There are alot of us huh? I've been going to GGP on Sundays. Where else to people meet up to play and share? I know there is a weekly Tuesday night gathering som..."
Posted: by Jello
Last Reply: by Jello
Views: 1575    Replies: 4
"Is anybody here going to be at that? They advertise fire dancers I thought of all you guys. ------------------Ambiguous"
Posted: by bec
Last Reply: by bec
Views: 1049    Replies: 5
"Anyone going to be at Port Fairy next week?We're doing some street performance - stils & fire... we'd love to meet up with anyone for a play "
Posted: by Missy
Last Reply: by karate kid
Views: 1176    Replies: 6
"Hey theres an SCA event going on in town(phoenix AZ) Feb 13-18. It's the estrella War. Rennaisance style shopping fighting and competing by day and huge amounts of partying and dancing ..."
Posted: by maeon
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"This is taken from the flyer ...so if you've got one, you don't need to read it. GROUP THERAPYhosted by Incendium Fire Circus Group Therapy is a firetwirling jam session held each Sunda..."
Posted: by Acid
Views: 682    Replies: 0
"this is for all of you in Israel!!!anyone going to the boombamela festival this year?id like to know if anyone has been-some info-it will be my first time!!!!! "
Posted: by StikTwak*Spin
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 1574    Replies: 3
"G'day, I'm a twirler from Bundaberg i just recently moved to brisbane for uni. I was wondering if there are meetings for twirlers here at all. If anyone could give me any info at all th..."
Posted: by Dom
Last Reply: by Dom
Views: 2298    Replies: 11
"On Saturday, 2nd March there's a march organised by the Stop the War Coalition. The basic aim being to show public opposition to continued action in Afghanistan and other countries, as ..."
Posted: by ticti
Last Reply: by ticti
Views: 2035    Replies: 6
"Hey all,just in case ppl are looking for a place to twirl on friday night, I and some others are planning to rock down to the university of melbourne and twirl outside the union house. ..."
Posted: by Chloe
Last Reply: by phuzzz
Views: 3259    Replies: 30
"Don't spose anyone knows if glastonbury (uk) is on this year, i know the final decision was gonna be made a few days ago but i haven;t heard anything. I hope it is, this year i will be ..."
Posted: by Drakien
Last Reply: by Dom
Views: 704    Replies: 3
"Okay, lets see if this works...Hands up who's been to Raindance.Ever.J------------------"If you love someone, set them free.If you love something, fill it with cream.Then set it on fire..."
Posted: by Glåss
Last Reply: by Durbs
Views: 3570    Replies: 25
"Hello kiddies, Theres a new place to play on tuesday nights in london, and this one is going to be perminant: Viaduct 7:00pm to 11:00pm4 minutes walk from vaxhall bridge station, on the..."
Posted: by swiftythefireguy
Last Reply: by swiftythefireguy
Views: 1350    Replies: 3
"hi guys i would like to put out an invite to anybody any where out to abbotsford B.C. i would like to actually meet some of you people and im think'n like a swapmeet you teach me and i'..."
Posted: by The Welcome Matt
Views: 482    Replies: 0
"Is anyone going to Boo 6? I hear that they are going to have some fire dancers there. I hope that have some people spinning fire! I have never seen it and I would love to see it. An..."
Posted: by Tempest
Views: 737    Replies: 0
"Hi,Anyone interested in meeting up on Wednesday 28th of Feb around Bath area?My girlfriend and I will be in Bath on Wed and we would love to meet some poi and staff spinners. I would li..."
Posted: by SmokyDavy
Last Reply: by SmokyDavy
Views: 945    Replies: 1
"For those of you in North America, or from all over the world, I would like to invite you to one of the top dance music festivals of the continent.The fifth Annual OM Summer Solstice Fe..."
Posted: by Kathryn
Last Reply: by Durbs
Views: 764    Replies: 1
"Just to clear some things up:I'm NOT a pedophile, but I wanna keep the pedophiles away..I'm just paranoid.But anyway! My point is, if there are any young/fun people who wanna twirl(poi,..."
Posted: by protozoa
Last Reply: by Kinudin (Soul Fyre)
Views: 901    Replies: 2
"The performers and safety team of the Baltimore Calefaction Society will be at Nation! See http://www.alchemy-dc.com for information and directions. We go on at midnight, after the be..."
Posted: by catboy
Last Reply: by catboy
Views: 2192    Replies: 17
"anyone going to run to the sun in cornwall this year?... if so there are about 20 of us going from leicester (about 5 twirl and a few more juggle etc...) and it would be really cool to..."
Posted: by glowshow
Last Reply: by glowshow
Views: 851    Replies: 4
"Before anyone tries to get smart, I will say that I have 1) Searched all the forums.2) Searched the meet others section.3) Mentioned it before with NO replies in unrelated topics.4) I e..."
Posted: by Diablostik
Last Reply: by Cassandra
Views: 2163    Replies: 7
" I had an idea. there is such a vast amount of talent here at HoP, that there should be some sort of gathering of the fire folk. (Glow folk too, there are some cool clubs in the town..."
Posted: by RaVeRxSurGe
Last Reply: by spicychicken
Views: 1340    Replies: 7
"Sup my skoo is having a annual dance show or whatever and i'm getting together some friendz from NYC to be in it... anywayz its gonna be a 2 hour performance of all dancers from my skoo..."
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