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Posted:Hi...I'm a new member here to this site.I was just wondering if those of you who perform in public would like to take advantage of my DJing skills.I've never seen anyone (or any group) perform in public, so I don't know what type of music you all are using for your routines or how long your performances are...so you'd need to fill me in on that.However, I can provide you/your group with mix CDs of up to 80 minutes in length with music styles of techno, trance, house, breakbeats, hip-hop, rap, r&b...even rock.Or, maybe you don't perform in public, but would like a cool mix CD to practice to.If interested, just shoot me an e-mail and we can go over everything.Tanzen------------------Ravers don't share glowsticks!

Ravers don't share glowsticks!

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