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Location: Kansas City MO, USA

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Posted:February 9th is going to be the rebirth of the old skool raves in the midwest, appropriately Rebirth of Slick.We REALLY want to see some jugglers, yo-yoers, and various other performers at this event. Raves used to be a place to check out the things you only *wish* you knew how to do. I want to make it that way again.February 9th - Rebirth of Slick -the downtown project brings you an old skool party -Astroboy, Kid Icarus, Matt Positive with MC ADB, Xan Lucero, and DJ Diggla -call info line night-of for directions: 816.545.4959 (party will be held in metro KC area) -pre-sale tickets available at GoodTimes Records (3828 Broadway, KCMO) for $10 (limited), night-of is $12 before 11pm, and $15 after.Please contact me if you are interested! krembrule@hotmail.comThanks!-Renee

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Christina aka Str0be

Location: Wichita, Kansas

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Posted:I'm definently interested.. I sent you an email from


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