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Posted:G'day, I'm a twirler from Bundaberg i just recently moved to brisbane for uni. I was wondering if there are meetings for twirlers here at all. If anyone could give me any info at all that would be great.Cheers

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Posted:If you have a look further down the list, you will see that we used to have a meeting on Thursdays, but it was cancelled. We have yet to move it somewhere else.Other than that, there are the Moonfests at Shornecliffe once a month. Bec will usually post up the event closer to the date.

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Total posts: 521 I can't resist...Hello StikTwak*Spin... welcome to the yummy Brisbane Fire Scene - there are heaps of lovely fire people around and you'll meet lots of them at the Moon Fest held once a month at Lower Moora Park, Shorncliffe Beach. Several hundred people gather under the full Moon and play drums, dance and of course twirl for hours. We start from around dusk and it's a byo fire tools & fuels deal...The next one is next Wednesday, 27th Feb...and then Thursday 28th March (just before Easter)We have an email post out once or twice a month with info on all the fire and related gatherings around the place, if you'd like me to send you these just email me at moonfest@bigpond.comand... which uni are you going to? Elke and I are running fire twirling courses at QUT (carseldine, Kelvin Grove & city campuses)as well as Uni of Qld St Lucia campus... email me for more info.and... We are running 4 Free Fire Performance workshops, starting this Sunday, leading up to a big show on 28th March... anyone is welcome, just contact me for more details or to sign up...(and see one of the posts below re looking for fire performaers in Bris.)Hope to meet you round the place for a twirl sometime...Bec


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Posted:I just met some weally awesome staff/poi twirlers from the hot-sticky end of queensland - John and Ros. Ros is pregnant and John's got like a purple Krishna haircut - I was wondering if any of you guys know about them? they hit the Woodforde festival scene too. It just surprises me everytime when really skilled twirlers all know about/participate on the HomeofPoi website!! They also corroborated their experience that all the Brits backpacking here who can twirl are AMAZINGly good.*feels chill go down spine*"da last time me twirled, i was pasty dig me nan."- A. G.

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