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Posted:so im going to santa cruz for spring break.. woohoo!! cant wait.. and I was curious.. whats the best beach to go to watch/participate in some fire twirling?? I have no idea how im going to get any fuel while im down there, so im hoping to meet some nice person who could a) share with me (of course i'd pitch in on costs) or b) point me in the direction of where i could buy some. i doubt im gunna find a walmart or something by the beach.. so help me out here folks!! i'll be staying on a hotel by the boardwalk, so any info would be appreciated. Thanks =D

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Posted:Santa Cruz fire folks are trying to meet regularly on Sundays at 6 pm at Seabright Beach.You can get on the Santa Cruz burners email list at <>Ask for Yoshi or Kiki when you get there. But always bring your own fuel.Maximus


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