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Last Reply: by PK_
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"does anyone possibly have a set of BATTERY powered speakers that they couyld bring as i will be bringin my cd player and some seriously funky poing songs (battery ones are need as nor..."
Posted: by Michal
Last Reply: by Michal
Views: 2246    Replies: 13
"HI FOLKS!The next Beginners Poi Courses will start on Sun 4th August and Mon 5th August. The Sunday course classes will be every Sunday in London Bridge from 7:30 - 9:30pm. The Mond..."
Posted: by tweet
Views: 522    Replies: 0
"anyone of to fantastic Boom this August. Wanna meet up?"
Posted: by SmallBoy - x
Last Reply: by Pink...?
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"Anyone doing anything (Prefferably spinning) either tonight or tomorrow. I'm fucking bored....and i need something other to do than moving my shit to Manor Park and unpacking.If I get e..."
Posted: by Moohaahaa
Last Reply: by Moohaahaa
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"Me, yup, me. I'm doing a gig in the Fridge in Brixton. Its Antiworld on Sat 3rd August. Its gonna be great, they've got a fire license. I have to go down there in a bit and show the Lam..."
Posted: by Dom
Last Reply: by Burns
Views: 1160    Replies: 7
"The sunday spins have been getting really rather lovely! If you haven't been yet you should do!With the demise of Thursdays at Kensal and seemingly no ready replacement, I was think..."
Last Reply: by SmallBoy - x
Views: 696    Replies: 3
"are you going to spittlefields tonight? if you are i will see you there! ;-)"
Posted: by pantsonfire
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 1812    Replies: 6
"Hey if any of you live near the gold coast, there is a great gathering at the beach at burliegh, on sunday nights. or if your ever up this way be sure to drop by!!!!I dont run it or any..."
Posted: by Neodolatelna
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"~*~ Firedancing Practice ~*~2 Thursdays a month7pm-10pmPractice will be held at my house in Fremont. I have a really long driveway that curves to the back of the house, very suitable f..."
Posted: by .Morph.
Views: 490    Replies: 0
"Any HoP-ers heading to this gathering?More info here: Healing Field Gathering Homepage"
Posted: by gάrbǿ
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"was wondering if there are any spinners in norwich. I know there are. would be niceto meet up with some cause I am in norwich for the next month. So if anyone fancies a spin(i usually g..."
Posted: by baerie fen
Last Reply: by Michal
Views: 551    Replies: 1
"God after spoon folks !Swingers here & let me start by saying sorry for the lack of info but I'm about to make all that up 2 u now.So kensal Rise is on it's last legs, myself & the swin..."
Posted: by Jez
Last Reply: by Tre
Views: 1223    Replies: 10
"Ok how about meeting up with us at Waterloo millenium park. Just next door to the jubilee line exit at the station. We will meet at about 1pm this saturday 27th july until we get bored,..."
Posted: by veggie muni
Last Reply: by gooble
Views: 558    Replies: 1
"9, 10, 11 August 2002 in taviras island in portugal!!!innfo: ze:+351917242517 e-mail:pnt@mail.pt / shantijoker@hotmail.comwww.tavira2002.pt.vu"
Posted: by alterego
Last Reply: by alterego
Views: 1468    Replies: 12
"Anyone know if Spin Jam is still going on, and if so, what day?"
Posted: by alterego
Last Reply: by Nyx
Views: 5850    Replies: 50
"Pozee, Wink, Dreamer, Pixie, Myst and all the other San Diego twirlers / performers;I know we do unofficial gatherings at South Shores but i'd like to set aside a day 2 - 3 weeks from n..."
Posted: by bender
Last Reply: by Burns
Views: 1589    Replies: 3
"Has Anyone seen the video/DVD? they're touring!!several dozen warrior monks and in a stage play that is finished off by Shaolin routines that include showcases of the sword, double swor..."
Posted: by .:* Moon Pixie *:.
Last Reply: by .:* Moon Pixie *:.
Views: 891    Replies: 4
"Wednesday 24th Julysee you then lovely ones!"
Posted: by sam
Last Reply: by miss_rummage
Views: 482    Replies: 1
"hello every one just wanted to know if any one knows off any weakly or monthly fire spinning meetins in wellington cheers peacesam"
Posted: by Wyrmwood
Last Reply: by Wyrmwood
Views: 684    Replies: 2
"It's twirling time! Have you ever wanted to make a firestick and learn to fire-dance, but don't feel you have the skills required? This workshop will teach you about this exciting new e..."
Posted: by Insatiable fire-faerie (Angie)
Last Reply: by PeDey
Views: 1477    Replies: 17
"Im organising a firewalk for charity in Scotland on Aug 24th which I am really excited about....just wondering if anyone out there has ever taken part in one and would like to share the..."
Posted: by s-p-l-a-t
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 1250    Replies: 6
"Anyone here going? Outback Eclipse fest I'm thinking of doing the big drive down "
Posted: by Mushinkato
Last Reply: by Cantus
Views: 4718    Replies: 43
"Has anyone out there in the land of poi ever tried swinging (pardon the phrase) in the raw..?? As an unashamed naturist and lover of all things natural, I have found it to be a very ve..."
Posted: by Mark P
Last Reply: by Mark P
Views: 1069    Replies: 2
"Hi all,Just to let those of you who dont know that there is the Ashton Court Festival in Bristol this weekend. It is a Sat/Sun event and finishes fairly early in the evening I think bu..."
Posted: by Valura
Last Reply: by .:* Moon Pixie *:.
Views: 688    Replies: 6
"hey beautiful aussies... just a little question...I have been told that there is to be no fire at splendor this year!!! only practise toys allowed... surely this cannot be true?!?! I wa..."
Posted: by Ade
Last Reply: by Ade
Views: 792    Replies: 3
"Anyone here involved with Mascon on the 27th July 2002 at Sydney Park?"
Posted: by Sasha
Views: 514    Replies: 0
"Hey All!Party in my back alley this samedi!Eveybody is welcome to come!!!!love and fireSasha"
Posted: by IdubI
Last Reply: by IdubI
Views: 1153    Replies: 12
"is anybody headed down?cheers"
Last Reply: by SmallBoy - x
Views: 576    Replies: 3
"Has anyone heard about a circus arts convention every tuesday at the Harrow arts centre in Hatch End? apparently it costs a few quid (as they book a hall or summat every week)...very co..."
Posted: by ArseNiC
Last Reply: by Kyro
Views: 854    Replies: 4
"Is anyone going to the Phoenix festival in Oregon (in the US)?"
Posted: by DarkFairyQueen
Last Reply: by DarkFairyQueen
Views: 1144    Replies: 5
"Hey guys Little more info on our party on friday-Nagual Sound Experiment presents-ELEMENTAL 2in association with Pseudonym Productions..The Main Stage:*Cameron* (Nagual Sound/The Col..."
Posted: by baerie fen
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 1518    Replies: 7
"Hey there everybody ! How u all doin ?Sitting around in london town ?Wondering what u'll be doing this Thursday night?well wonder no more except in amazement as you walk through the doo..."
Posted: by Ignis Devoco
Views: 552    Replies: 0
"The Fire Academy at the Industrial Arts Factory In Seattle WAThe Fire Academy offers teaching and instruction in:Fire tool manipulation and Technique of various forms such as:*Fire Chai..."
Posted: by Cassandra
Last Reply: by Cassandra
Views: 5589    Replies: 39
"Helloooooo hmmm... so Paris is going to be crazy exciting on June 21st because it's Music Day, so everyone plays music in the streets : from classical tunes to Techhno, traditional fl..."
Posted: by dizzy
Last Reply: by anniesparks
Views: 3512    Replies: 34
"Hi all!Last year me and some frends put on a small festy (The Big Swith Up) in Great Malvern (Heraford) I was thinking it mite be a good plase to have a gatering and i mite be able to s..."
Posted: by arsn
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 1853    Replies: 20
"Noticing that there seems to be more than a few Melbournites here in HoP... I was thinking about opening a thread solely for what's happening on the party scene. Opening this, so close..."
Posted: by Karen
Views: 675    Replies: 0
"I've got a question to pose to those peeps residing in the Southwest US. My band is touring in August and we're constantly looking for great outdoor festivals/ venues to perform at. F..."
Posted: by Amanjira
Last Reply: by Finn
Views: 908    Replies: 1
"O.k, So there seem to be more people from around the world congregating in these rooms than there would normally be, than those from Sydney, Australia alone... But one question for all ..."
Posted: by Mineiro
Last Reply: by Cassandra
Views: 631    Replies: 1
"10th august in helsinki(horrible clash with EJC i know) but amazing finnissh crew tulikansa putting on their own festival for the second year running.....I HOPE YOU ALL GO!!!!!!!!!!no i..."
Posted: by Hi my pants are on fire
Last Reply: by Thistle
Views: 523    Replies: 1
"i say bla bla bbla oh waite.... bla bla bla bla is what i meant"
Posted: by DarkFairyQueen
Views: 473    Replies: 0
"Hey Everybody!Nagual are putting on another Psycadelic-Funk-Up this friday at 'Jaxx' in London bridge.There's gonna be lots of crazy stuff going down and we'd love to get some of you Go..."
Posted: by Charly
Views: 1782    Replies: 0
"Just a reminder to those who might be new to things... our troupe The Cabiri teaches poi and club-swinging classes in Seattle on Monday nights.Classes are open to beginners, intermediat..."
Posted: by Boneyard
Views: 552    Replies: 0
"I know it's the first Sunday of every month, and I am on the (a?) mailing list, but I haven't heard anything about it, and I am not sure where it is. Anyone here know anything about it..."
Posted: by hairball
Last Reply: by hairball
Views: 593    Replies: 2
"I'm going with my FIRE poi. i hope there will be other's 2 join me!"
Posted: by UCOF
Views: 1170    Replies: 6
"Sorry but this is probably the most random post ever...i couldnt think of anywhere else to post this..so sorry....the question is: what is your favourite type of cheese? (as you all pro..."
Posted: by 4th degree burns
Last Reply: by Dom
Views: 591    Replies: 1
"Anyone going to Witness this year? I'm bringing poi, staff, glowsticks & fire...get in touch a.s.a.p... you know it'll bring the festival to whole other level for you & everyone there "
Posted: by gooble
Last Reply: by gooble
Views: 3321    Replies: 14
"Come join the Gooble birthday bonanzaas Gooble Warming celebrate their 1st birthday in West End!!! Lucky door prizes, installations, trippy visuals, and an eclectic mix of the coolest..."
Posted: by Jez
Last Reply: by Sepa
Views: 1008    Replies: 2
"This saturday is the winchester hat fair, the whole of Winchester gets bombarded with loads of performers from across england and for all those who are resourceful enough to find it or ..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Earlybird
Views: 916    Replies: 3
"Open Tribe,Sunday Sunset,Burliegh Heads,Gold Coast,OZ! In the park at burliegh point,overlooking the surf + goldy...strong energy spot. Fire & Drum(& whatever)Gathering...this is a n..."
Posted: by SmallBoy - x
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
Views: 698    Replies: 3
"Hey ho peeps, don't know if this is the right place for a semi-non-poi related event but hey it seemed to fit.Being completely stupid I only discovered that this forum existed 2day (Don..."
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