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Posted:Sorry but this is probably the most random post ever...i couldnt think of anywhere else to post this..so sorry....the question is: what is your favourite type of cheese? (as you all probably know...i like cheese!)
my personal favourite would have to be very mild cheddar as it melts perfectly on bread (for cheese on toast) and i goes well with anything....even yoghurt (and ive tried it!!)
I have also found out combinations of food whcih shouldnt go well together but strangly do are:
original hoola hoops and nutella
kiwi and cornflake sandwich
cheese and yoghurt
if you have any more, please tell about them

thanks for reading this random post

I like Cheese

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Posted:Go and read 'Crepes and/or Nutella' post in the Disscussion section. You'll find the answers to your question in there angel.... Go look, run run!! mmmmmm......cheese.

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Posted:Gorganzola is the best cheese. Its soft and creamy, but strong like stilton, and goes the best on Ritz biscuits. I could eat a whole tub in one go, yum yum.

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Posted:Either Fetta (sp?) or Chedder. Oh and babybell is nice too.

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Posted:UCOF, darling ... don't you even get me started on cheese ... I'm french after all here we even have a cheese only restaurant ...

however, this kind of topic actually belongs in the "social" section where we discuss such fundamental subjects as "marmite or nutella" and stuff like that

But I know you've allready posted in the other taht Dibs mentioned... so I'll see you there to continue chatting about my favourite subject after traveling and hugs : CHEEEEESE

PS : this thread will probably be re-located to teh social section and / or closed, so don't worry

shine on

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Posted:Or die without trace until some annoying git revives it for no reason in a few weeks.

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Posted:i agree with the babybell...where do you all stand on cheesestrings??
culinary masterpeice and lots of fun
load of shite?

I like cheese

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