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the only way i managed 2 get a ticket 2 glastonbury was by being employed there!
my friends decided they would rather not go, so i will soon be on my way on my ownsome 2 work picking up rubbish (why do i get myself into these things)!
Would be great to meet up with others, so please please please help me escape from the dreaded rubbish monster!!!!

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Posted:Hi Natalie,
Glastonbury is great for chatting to randoms and making new friends. And they'll probably be a few of you guys picking up rubbish in a similar position. As for Fire Twirling and spinning, it'll be everywhere! Be at the stone circle at night for the most fire action.

Oh, and thanks for picking up all my rubbish. I'll try to be good!


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Posted:hi Natalie,

If you look at teh glastonbury attendees thread you will see that there are a lot of spinners heading to the festival

Hope to meet you down there,




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Posted:Hey Natalie,

Are you the same Natalie, that I have been texting? I sent an e-mail to all litter pickers, coz i'm one too, and i was going alone, and then you've been texting me????? If your not the same person i'm sorry, if you are how cool.

Whoever you are, it would be cool to meet up. Are you going to Tom's field on Thursday? What time are you getting there? My mobile number is 07811 835542, if you want to give me a call when you get there then we could meet up. We can practise out Poi spinning together. I'm only a novice, and if your better than me (which is most likely) then maybe you could show me some moves.

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