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Posted:Hello all!
As you might have guessed form the thread title; I'm running a Beginners Staff Course...

The course is designed for those who may or may not have picked up a staff before, but want to learn how to swing one!

It will cover everything you need to know to twirl/swing/spin, confidently, capably and safely. Covering all aspects: basic/intermediate moves (as well as some more challenging moves), how to move with your staff, linking moves, how to develop your own moves/style and fire safety.

The lessons will run over 6 weeks (weekends) for 2 hours in a Central London location.

I've developed the course with help from Michal who runs the "Apex Poi Courses" - if you know, or have heard, what her courses are like - this course will be quite similar in structure and approach.

For a bit of background: I have been twirling for over 6 years now. I have taught fire twirling in US Summer Camps for 3 years (kids from 14-17: from nothing to a show in under 3 weeks!), and am now 'making a living' twirling.

If you need further "quality assurance" I'm sure that Glass, Tempest, BamBam, PK (what's he called now?), DarkFairyQueen, Carrey, Dom etc... will vouch for my teaching abilities.

So if you'd like to attend, please let me know as soon as possible - class size is limited to 13 people (max!) - either by e-mail or phone (below).

and, erm....that's my blag over!

David Knox
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take it easy...

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Posted:eeeeer ... I cannot attend classes in london, much regret cause i've heard of your first class staff talent !!!!!

but if you ever come to Paris this summer, email me. would trade classes against a place to sleep and yummy French food and besides I owe you for saying hi to kat for me

Michal ? the lovely princess i met at hendon's party in May ??? BIG HUGS to you, Michal, you rock

shine on

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What about us northeners......... *Dibs sulks*
Spirals going to teach me, not that he knows it yet....... he's going to teach me how to burn my armpits. Excellent!
Are you venturing up to Edinburgh at all soon?
Dibs xxx

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Posted:Awww don't be sulky Dibs!
I thought you were coming down..that was supposed to be the deal eh? And now you're not even doing Glastonbury! PAh!

OK ok...Workshops on this Sunday still, 3-5pm.

I still have one or two places left, please call me if you're interested.

Big love...dave


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Posted:Hi hi,

The class is now full.

Sorry to those who couldn't/can't join-up. More classes soon!



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Posted:hmmmm... all confused with there being 2 threads!?

just want to tell you you've given me the staff bug. really enjoyed sunday.
can't believe you're making us wait a whole 2 WEEKS for the next one...

have fun in glastonbury

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