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Posted:God after spoon folks !
Swingers here & let me start by saying sorry for the lack of info but I'm about to make all that up 2 u now.
So kensal Rise is on it's last legs, myself & the swingers name have already left, due to broken limbs & vital need of a rest period.
Everything is a little up in the air for a large Thursday workshop, we had hoped our new home would provide us some stability but for now I'm gonna have 2 keep u all on tenterhooks as we are just currently in disscusion with the owners of our new home (appear not best pleased at our presence ! oops!)And on top of all that I'm not even in London.
Sorry kidz bit lack luster I know, but plans for some smaller more tutor based workshops are afoot, so keep ur eyes here & ur ears amongst ur friends.
We shall prevail !
love u all & I'll do my best to keep Swingers on the go even if it is a bit random from here on in, we were all very lucky with Kensal Rise so keep ur vision positive & we shall be lucky again.
love u all
keep on swinging !

Forever spiraling upwards towards unknown destiny.Where will it end ? Where did it start ?Why ask so many questions ?

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Posted:Howdy fractured fen. Can I be of any help in future poi stuff (can't help with the home - sorry - only room for six in this box. And it's a bit soggy.) I run the APEX courses, am finishing the poi book, was part of just jugglers at the way beginnings, organise cabarets and choreography courses. Have missed out on this years developments due to book, but if my skills /contacts are of use to you lemme know -I'll be free in a couple of weeks yippee! Do you know what it is like outside my room?


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