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Posted:Hello smile. I'm looking for people to quote / email interview for a feature article i'm doing on poi spinning - socks, fire, anything really (and circus skills if i've got enough room smile )

Ideally i'd like people who wouldn't mind answering some questions about their poi habits (i'm not sure how else to describe it!) to PM me - but any quotes about why you spin/twirl, what you get out of it, interesting experiences, injuries etc. in this thread would also be great.

If you'd be willing to be interviewed by email please PM me!!
I'd really appreciate the help and you'd get your name / board name in an article - whoohooo .

cheers, grin

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Posted:You'll probably get a better response in Social Discussion so I've moved it there smile

I'm happy to answer questions for you if you like smile

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Posted:same here wink

he he i am mike the amazing gloscircus person who is mike.

Officaly an exception to the Poi Boys are Girls Thing


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