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Posted:Hey there everyone.

As the title of this here post says, I'm bored. Ok, to be more specific, bored of watching videos online and then practicing in my room or the park alone.

I have hit up a few juggling festivals in the NY area, but I'd say most of the people there are more interested in toss juggling, though I have found a few spinners.

Or maybe that was my perception of this as I was more into toss juggling at the time too.

Anyway, nowadays I practice tossing and spinning in about the same quantities, which frankly may be slowing down my progress with both *shrug*. =)

Ok, back to the point, at the moment I reside in Nassau county on Long Island in the lovely state of New York. Aside from classes a few nights a week, I'm usually open to suggestions, so if anyone wants to get together, chat, learn or teach anything, let me know.

Ciao for Now.
- Adam

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