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Posted: by brittle
Last Reply: by brittle
Views: 527    Replies: 2
"Hey all, just wondering if there is anyone near the EC2 area in london or with easy access from the tube?moving to Guildhall school of music and drama in 10 days so would be awesome to ..."
Posted: by midnightzenith
Last Reply: by Mr. Wally-ish
Views: 636    Replies: 3
"Hey! I'm moving from the 'tron to Christchurch at the end of the year (I'm getting really excited already!!), and it would be great to keep spinning with people on a semi-regular basis ..."
Posted: by lil_magic_man
Last Reply: by philisweatly
Views: 376    Replies: 1
"I live in Lebanon,Il. its close to belleville and offalon. Is there anyone else who spins out there??"
Posted: by Causey Farm
Last Reply: by _Clare_
Views: 522    Replies: 1
"Hi there,We are looking for a fire twirler to perform at a Halloween Festival - anyone interested, or know anyone? 8 nights at the end of October.Call Matt 0879181180 or email me info@c..."
Posted: by iyaness
Last Reply: by johndhaive
Views: 9776    Replies: 30
"How come Philippines isn't in the drop down list when I search by country? Anyways, anyone from the Philippines here? Speak up! I'm from the south Manila area. "
Posted: by Lady Macri
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 870    Replies: 5
"Hey, crew! I'm new to Wellie and NZ (I'm Canadian). I'm looking for some fire twirlers and/or poi spinners to play with. Noticing all the posts here are pretty old....is anyone still ac..."
Posted: by The Misguided Oracle
Views: 304    Replies: 0
"I'm flying into SF in less than 24 hours... well, my flight departs in less than 24hrs more precisely. Will be there for 2 weeks.Are there any regular fire meets going on there? Or open..."
Posted: by HawkfeatherJY
Last Reply: by johndhaive
Views: 444    Replies: 1
"Hello all,I would like to meet more people near me & was wondering if I was the only Oklahoman here. I noticed lots of diffrent locations from around the world, & that rocks! It..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by HawkfeatherJY
Views: 622    Replies: 3
"Anyone going to unity day this saturday 1st august? Think I will be heading down with a fair few people and possible taking either my flowpoi or firepoi. Lets hope the sun is shining,..."
Posted: by orangina
Views: 395    Replies: 0
"Hey I've been in circus and fire shows for a few years now and will be moving to wincester uni for the new streets arts course in late september.Is there many spinners and circus folk a..."
Posted: by MafiaBoy
Views: 351    Replies: 0
"hi every bodyme with simon (staff) and my negga d.menza at the contact meteor (burncrewconcept members) travel through europe during 2 weeks to visit european country and meet jugglers...."
Posted: by Adventuredan
Views: 661    Replies: 0
"Hey all Im an Aussie living in Aachen Germany and they dont even know what poi is here. i cant find any shops that sell poi gear anywhere.Does anyone know if there is a good shop for sp..."
Posted: by Dentrassi
Last Reply: by Fearpig
Views: 1170    Replies: 14
"err hello guys!im arriving on approx 22nd july for a express trip around UK for about a month before i head off to burning man.rather than just getting drunk with other australian backp..."
Posted: by lil_magic_man
Views: 308    Replies: 0
"im looking for people in the 62254 area in lebanon,IL. im a poi spinner and and tring to get a group together."
Posted: by markkaravan
Views: 1158    Replies: 0
"Hey folks,I'm a veteran firespinner and bought a place recently in Durham NC for fire practice. Anyone of any skill level is welcome to join in or just hang out. The property is near ..."
Posted: by Pirate_Pete
Last Reply: by Tom_Shill
Views: 2741    Replies: 9
"Afternoon all,I've been given a set of poi by my housemate and don't really know what I'm doing with them.I'm looking for classes/workshops to attend in the Brighton/Hove area. Does an..."
Posted: by George
Last Reply: by _Siege_
Views: 226237    Replies: 1045
"Are there any other pyro types living in sleepy 'ol Cambridge these days?Whats there to do in terms of fire spinning? Anyone want to meet up sometime and find out?"
Posted: by David_Rhodes
Last Reply: by Gruntathon
Views: 489    Replies: 2
"Hay Guys ,Im looking for someone to teache me poi.i live in Narrabeen , Northern beaches Sydneyi d/loaded all i can from youtube but its hard doing it alone .i can do the 3/5 beat forwa..."
Posted: by Seaspray
Views: 292    Replies: 0
"hey, was wondering if anyone knew of any poi clubs that met in the general Bury St Edmunds/Sudbury area or in and around Suffolk in general.Just picked learning Poi again and would love..."
Posted: by Vampire_Kitty
Last Reply: by Sir Nuggit II
Views: 536    Replies: 2
"Hi is anybody on here going to the free poi jam session in Hyde Park, London tommorow? I want to meet other spinners lol....http://www.perfectcirclepoi.co.uk/"
Posted: by Lamia_poi
Last Reply: by Lamia_poi
Views: 814    Replies: 6
"How many are still around on HOP? how many are serious spinners? how many do it just for fun?i'm looking around for people to get a kind of group together again (we had a team, but stop..."
Posted: by pitman
Last Reply: by Kubefuism
Views: 609    Replies: 5
"right then, the plan is to leave the UK in October 2009. i want to go everywhere and meet everyone. i have no intentions of coming back to the UK. im going to be busking everyday to mak..."
Posted: by Birgit
Last Reply: by Birgit
Views: 14218    Replies: 70
"Hello again! Edited for update. I'm in Melbourne now. Next few stops:21st April - Canberra24th April - Sydney1st May - Brisbane6th May - Rockhampton14th-19th May - Tasmania19th to 21st ..."
Posted: by T-S-A
Views: 296    Replies: 0
"I know back in the day there were quite a few spinners in Brighton, but having only been here for a couple of years and only picking up my poi again recently, I kinda missed out.So does..."
Posted: by Wrock
Last Reply: by Bobbi08
Views: 1014    Replies: 5
"Hello,I saw some old posts of people looking for practice partners in toronto. I'm new to poi but have already learned alot and I am looking for other people to practice with and exchan..."
Posted: by Mya
Views: 320    Replies: 0
"I'm looking for spinners in Kentucky! I'm from Lexington and currently know only 2 spinners."
Posted: by random josh
Last Reply: by pitman
Views: 866    Replies: 5
"Yeh um i was hoping for a gathering some day in this summer (2009)?? it can be for staff, poi, meteor, practically anything. what days would you think be the best??? It will be at swans..."
Posted: by acidtrip
Last Reply: by acidtrip
Views: 515    Replies: 1
"hey there u crazy ppl hows be all. few of us are trying to get a regular spin meet started (all toys welcome) now the summers here.we hold a fire spin on sum wensaday nights (depending ..."
Posted: by ZeeBoo
Last Reply: by ZeeBoo
Views: 284    Replies: 2
"Hi,I've just moved to Mackay in Queensland for at least the next 6 month and wondered if anyone faces meeting up for a spin?Also if anyone is travelling past pop in to Buscasia beach (w..."
Posted: by adrienlemay
Last Reply: by johndhaive
Views: 1131    Replies: 2
"Hi guys,I m french in Manila... and last week end i went to Puerto Galera and i saw those guys playing fire poi ! Was Realy nice...Now i have only one think in my mind : learn how to ha..."
Posted: by monooki
Last Reply: by monooki
Views: 575    Replies: 2
"Hi, I'm looking for a juggler, preferably contact juggler for a Harry Potter party event in a cinema in Overijssel in the Netherlands for a couple of hours around the 19th July. If you ..."
Posted: by ignisolaris
Last Reply: by gabrie_8
Views: 401    Replies: 2
"Estoy comenzando a practicar y me gustara conoces spinners en Espaa, sobre todo en Madrid, que es donde vivo. Bueno dejo el contacto ALEX ignisolaris@yahoo.com"
Posted: by tinnyg13
Views: 312    Replies: 0
"Hello Poi friends. My name is Tinny and I recently moved to Knoxville Tn from St.Louis and I need someone to spin with!! I'm a photographer as well so I can get some great shots of ya s..."
Posted: by FIRE-O-SCIOUS
Views: 528    Replies: 0
"Im from Dannevirke in New Zealand. Im wondering if there is anybody around. While it is cool being the only person around that plays with fire it kind of gets really boring. So am wond..."
Posted: by synndarella
Last Reply: by idam
Views: 483    Replies: 2
"Hi all,I just wanted to run something by all you Poi spinners in the area.I've been speaking to one of the backstreet gyms, who have a dance studio, its fairly large, tho, not massive. ..."
Posted: by Xanoc
Views: 318    Replies: 0
"I've just ordered my first pair of poi. I'm absolutely ecstatic about getting started on learning to use them. I was wondering if there was anyone in the area (I'm at school in Ellensbu..."
Posted: by orangina
Last Reply: by Jamie Cee
Views: 855    Replies: 6
"My names ross and I'm sik of not knowing any other spinners round here,who wants to meet up on a beach 4 a big spin when the weathers better? perfbly north coast kernow are? ? ?"
Posted: by Patches, the confused firedancer
Last Reply: by CyberMancer
Views: 2764    Replies: 13
"If I could meet up with some other spinners that would be absolutly amazing. I spin staff and soon double staff (they come tomorrow... I CAN'T WAIT), I know some people that spin poi b..."
Posted: by Luiquifire
Last Reply: by 00tangerine
Views: 682    Replies: 3
"Anyone Here from Wisconsin Or near Chicago. If so, hit me up. Im from sheboygan, WI. Peace"
Posted: by Athenyx
Last Reply: by johndhaive
Views: 603    Replies: 5
"Hey, I'm hoping to find some people in the Norman Oklahoma area who would like to spin this summer. I want to learn some new tricks and have fun with others who share my enthusiasm for ..."
Posted: by orangina
Views: 250    Replies: 0
"hey i'm in a small circus branched of from swamp circus, we're in cornwall- enland and coming over to ireland 2 juggle and see friends.i specialise in poi, stilts and abit of hat and ac..."
Posted: by philisweatly
Last Reply: by philisweatly
Views: 326    Replies: 1
"Just moved to south-west Iowa and spin all by myself Been off an on with it for about 10 months. Just wondering if there are any events or other spinners in my area!Peace"
Posted: by the happy man
Last Reply: by Nicoladewsnip
Views: 1669    Replies: 14
"hey,me and a couple of friends are looking to meet up with other spinners or jugglers in our area.is anyone here going to the colchester sixth form or institute this year, or already th..."
Posted: by SHIN MASTA
Last Reply: by Puff
Views: 552    Replies: 3
"Hello,Thank you kiwis, HOP, specially to ,, oh I can`t explane17th NewZealand Juggling festival was so beautiful peaceful festivalmissionbay firenight members,, Tuesday also,, ponsonby ..."
Posted: by Millle
Last Reply: by HoP_Nick
Views: 485    Replies: 1
"I am coming to Barcelona in 10 days from now and I am craving to buy some originally made poi, because mine is homemade and it is not very suitable for me. I am trying to find on the in..."
Posted: by squatter
Last Reply: by squatter
Views: 933    Replies: 3
"Hi,I've spoken to the district voluntary service type people about setting up a community spinning/circus group and about getting funding etc... so if anyone's in the area who can spin,..."
Posted: by Chloe'
Views: 313    Replies: 0
"Anybody from the South Dakota area??? Not many people in Pierre and it's getting kinda lonely..."
Posted: by R0cketSh1p
Last Reply: by R0cketSh1p
Views: 691    Replies: 5
"Hi guysI created and account a while ago but cant remember the details, so I created this one but anyway, I'll be moving to NZ in the next few months currently applying for my passport..."
Posted: by Wraith_Dividend
Views: 282    Replies: 0
"Please can someone from chichester tlak i feel so lonley down here all by my larry"
Posted: by Bekar
Views: 378    Replies: 0
"Hello, dear Friends! First of all, sorry for my scrappy English... 8)I am a leader of spelling fire-theatre troupe. At the end of April (27...30) we all are going to visit Prague and to..."
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