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Posted:Afternoon all,

I've been given a set of poi by my housemate and don't really know what I'm doing with them.

I'm looking for classes/workshops to attend in the Brighton/Hove area. Does anyone know/run suitable classes?


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Posted:certainly not by spamming an online forum!? grin
check the "meet others" forum, I'm sure you will finde some people willing to teach you


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Posted:Hey Pete, welcome to HoP.
Don't mind Duvan, he;s lovely really.
Try this thread here. And ya, like Duvan said, check around this site for existing groups, they be about!
In the meantime you can learn a lot from lessons on this site, and there are other sites too. Also there is an Oddballs juggling shop in Brighton that's maybe able to connect you with others. And they sell fantastic DVD like Nick WOolsey's Scales of Poi. You just missed the man hmiself, shame. Hope you get on well with learning and meeting....

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