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Posted: by meledrach
Last Reply: by Andrey358
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"So here is our first synchronized poi performance hope youll enjoy it"
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by Gwid
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"Hey everyone,This is my newest video, it's somewhere between a tech video and a flow video. Lots of new moves, rolls, throws, negative space and contact Video Enjoy "
Posted: by kostyalolxz
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"Hello HOP . It's a warm yet gloomy day so I figured it's a perfect time for a backyard sesh. Videoo Nothing too crazy, just some basic flow...Comments and criticism welcome Also, exc..."
Posted: by Santiagopoi
Last Reply: by OhioSean
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"Hi everyone, hope u like my last work, not a special editing, not a special music, not a special location, not a special tricks, It's Just a Poi Video Sa - It's Just a Poi Video Sa......"
Posted: by phherri
Last Reply: by phherri
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" is a link to my 12 yr old son placing 1st in a weapons style competition using POI and Tae Kwon Do techniques.P..."
Posted: by Chris Brown
Last Reply: by Chris Brown
Views: 779    Replies: 4
"This me performing after spinning for a year and a half.Any critique would be helpful and appreciated.Thanks and enjoy. "
Posted: by Dave Statik
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"In celebration of the past year of spinning, I made a video compiling all the best clips from all my fire videos from 2010. I hope you like it, but most of all i hope for some NEGATIVE ..."
Posted: by Zan
Last Reply: by gumop
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"I've posted three parts of an ongoing video series "Zan Plays". So far two videos are with poi, one with double staff.The first one: The second one (more experimental d..."
Posted: by bigg
Last Reply: by bigg
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"Say something about this video...plx more"
Posted: by willow2x
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" spread me round dude need some hits for the comp =)what do you all think? =D"
Posted: by feuerkai
Last Reply: by feuerkai
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"Hey,first sorry for my bad English. Google has translated the most.For 2 months, I finally got my new LED tools, and i try to make a short video with some impressions of them. I ..."
Posted: by NikoFLOW
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
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"Katra & Annika From Flamma-Fire groupI made video from our rehearsals. It's mostly free spinning and short pieces of the coreography. It wasn't meant to be a video shooting but it t..."
Posted: by SpinnerofDetroit
Last Reply: by Charles
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"I recently made my fire snakes which are just a tad on the ridiculous side They are insanely heavy but I still am in love with them. And they GUZZLE fuel. "
Posted: by stano3b
Last Reply: by Exuro
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"Im looking for a youtube fire poi video... the problem is that i dont remember much of itall i know is that there were two men, probably topless, spinning (also) partner poi tricks (one..."
Posted: by Min.d_p.huQ
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
Views: 334    Replies: 1
" A little on the sloppy side but I finally got to a place where I'm pretty confident. Let me know what sticks out and what you'd like to see in the future."
Posted: by qwertycoder
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" let me know what you think "
Posted: by qwertycoder
Views: 337    Replies: 0
"poi for about 2 years chucks 10 months and double staff 2 days let me know what you think. "
Posted: by The HardstyleKid
Last Reply: by The HardstyleKid
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"hey guys i'm justice and i'm from the uk, i'm rely hopeing to jump start a career in poi at rave's and festivals, plse can u repost this vid round the net anywhere you can (or i'd be ..."
Posted: by Didgeridude
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"Me spinning at Harvest fest last October."
Posted: by Yoshiky
Last Reply: by co
Views: 434    Replies: 1
"To celebrate Cam's birthday and Halloween, we went to NYC at the end of October 2010. Rob's spinning diabolo and juggling balls, Cam had just started juggling three balls and I'm spinni..."
Posted: by qwertycoder
Last Reply: by co
Views: 702    Replies: 2
"Contains fire chucking and double staffing. Atlanta Iced over so we made a silly film... "
Posted: by Vermin
Last Reply: by The HardstyleKid
Views: 2446    Replies: 24
"Hi everyone!Just sharing a video of me spinning fire poi fast. There tends to not be too many fast spinners and I understand the preference- slower is more beautiful. But are there any ..."
Posted: by Sister Eleven
Last Reply: by The HardstyleKid
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" "
Posted: by mArv!
Last Reply: by burningoftheclavey
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" "
Posted: by kevstaff
Last Reply: by kevstaff
Views: 680    Replies: 4
" jam session in Brussels with the staves! Really poor quality, we hope we can shoot something better some time!Enjoy!"
Posted: by Soothsayer
Last Reply: by Just_Another_Clown
Views: 822    Replies: 5
"Hey, my name's Adam and I've been doing fire poi for awhile now (not often though) all my friends tell me I'm really good but I can't seem to take them seriously seeing as they don't kn..."
Posted: by liquidtrance
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 1033    Replies: 8
" takes sitting on yer backside to a new level"
Posted: by qwertycoder
Last Reply: by bendingthefuture
Views: 482    Replies: 1
"id love some constructive crits. "
Posted: by bastl
Last Reply: by Pyrolific
Views: 7343    Replies: 29
"hello, as i dont know my way round this new hop design, and i cant be bothered to search even longer for my old threads, here a new one here a video of my performance from EJC in Karl..."
Posted: by Sisu
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"First performance with my new LED fans. Wish the vid wasn't quite so dark so you could see more of my belly dancing, but it's all about my fans anyway. "
Posted: by ThaiTom
Last Reply: by ThaiTom
Views: 444    Replies: 2
"same same but different technikaround the back trow and suck with my hair leg kick ellbow technik thanx to all my teachers and I hope to do it one day"
Posted: by David_Thomas1
Last Reply: by David_Thomas1
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Posted: by Poi on Earth
Last Reply: by KyleG4u
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" "
Posted: by evviva
Last Reply: by evviva
Views: 472    Replies: 2
"hi hop!I want to share new videos from Inerzia.It's UnderWood live performance. Juggling, dance, painting, theatre, uv-art, clownerie, and a lot of silly stuffs in a new circus"
Posted: by Ase Anthony
Last Reply: by CrusadeC
Views: 840    Replies: 5
"i want to encourage you to share your practice sessions too, we all know that practicing together we can view similar moves differently and assist each others growth faster, i think too..."
Posted: by KrewSayd
Last Reply: by CrusadeC
Views: 391    Replies: 2
"Not really to exclusive. The internet never is. But ya; I rarely ever record myself(or unluckily enough have a mirror to practice with -.-). I'm also broke xP. Those are pool balls in n..."
Posted: by animatEd
Last Reply: by burningoftheclavey
Views: 698    Replies: 3
" Here's a video documenting the workshop i gave in October in berlin alongside Aragorn Boulanger.A super fun week, lots of exploration and mind bending.You'll see some familiar fac..."
Posted: by Rives
Last Reply: by Rives
Views: 639    Replies: 4
"let me know what ya think. "
Posted: by JuggleSean
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 457    Replies: 3
"Hello friends,I found this video on YouTube and was inspired by it. I haven't seen anything like it. Sort of hoop juggling perhaps? Really beautiful, just thought I'd post to bring it..."
Posted: by FlambalOlek
Last Reply: by FlambalOlek
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"Hi everybody! We got an new promo vid and seriously updated our homepage any comments are gratefully appreciated ;-) yeah!love FLambal Olek "
Posted: by Jered_Spins_Poi
Last Reply: by Jered_Spins_Poi
Views: 3846    Replies: 21
"Just got a new camera not to long ago so im back to posting. here is my last 2let me know what you think."
Posted: by GlobalJ
Last Reply: by BelleSpins
Views: 1650    Replies: 7
"Finished a new video the other day... Doesn't seem like u guys get to much exposure to glowstringing so i figured I'd share this with yall Let me know what u think!!! "
Posted: by Smurf24029
Last Reply: by Smurf24029
Views: 617    Replies: 2
"So I made this from a few days worth of random practice footage. Its really long but I hope you enjoy it. Its simply me enjoying myself Also releasing this as my 2 year video, which was..."
Posted: by Mark Husted
Views: 385    Replies: 0
"I won a video competition put out by and they sent me a bunch of amazing toys. They have brought so much joy to my life and I wanted to share some of this joy with all of y..."
Posted: by gumop
Last Reply: by gumop
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"So my friend, unsatisfied, did a another one with another friend This is their real gift for christmas and new year.Please, enjoy : for ..."
Posted: by The HardstyleKid
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"hey guys i wanna make this thread showing all my poi vids for this year, i'd love some insite and tips and even some ideas of music to spin to ^^"
Posted: by Dave Statik
Views: 334    Replies: 0
"Yay! "
Posted: by pyrozack
Last Reply: by OhioSean
Views: 367    Replies: 1
"Hey everyone, not new to the site but this is my first post..Spinning outside a friend's house for the New Years festivities. I hope you like it Constructive criticism welcomed. "
Posted: by Grace Mili
Last Reply: by Ase Anthony
Views: 732    Replies: 3
"Lindzee : bolas , poi contact , manipoi - New Ideas , Inspiration & Basic Tech ( Part 1 )"
Posted: by Dave Statik
Last Reply: by Dave Statik
Views: 844    Replies: 6
"Hey everyone, I haven't been on in a few months,but here I am with a new video. Just got some new 3.5 monkey's fists, and I totally love them. The weight suits my spinning style I think..."
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