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Fire Dancing


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Fire Poi, Fire Staff, Double Fire Staves, Fire Nunchucks, Fire eating, Fire breathing, Fire whips, Fire palm wicks, Fire Swords, Freestyle footbag, making music, video games, family, friends.


Keep it Lit....

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19th May, 2006
A must buy
"Very well thought out theories and drills. I knew about planes all along but did not think that they were as complex as they are. Compound circles are what everyone should strive for you and Nick shows you how to achieve this goal in the video. Great product."
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4th May, 2006
Great fire poi
"It was great until my wife dropped one of them in water on accident. I had a hell of a time getting the one that was wet lit after soaking them in torch fuel. The problem is water and oil are just not good bedfellows:-( The next day though they worked perfect."
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Service & support  
28th March, 2006
Pretty Speedy Gents
"At first I was asking why there was no next day air option. Turns out waiting one week isn't that bad after all. I ordered them on a Sunday viewed their progress on Monday which is when they shipped and got them the following Monday. This is from New Zealand to California so if anybody is in the Cali area it's one week. I was expecting the product would come in around mid week and they came in the first day. I was so excited and am right now. I need to hurry up and get out of this cubicle!!!!! arrrrg!!!"
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