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Posted:Hi everyone,

Ive done another vid. this one is a club swinging one, and contains some of the moves that I've talked about in the club swinging thread over the years. I tried to make it a demonstration of the versatility of the snake family of moves. I also edited out the drops this time cuz the orginal version had a few too many (and I know that ppl dont want to see me stuffing up wink)

Set to a nice and chilled tune 3.13 long I hope you enjoy.

Much thanks to Strugz for his hosting.

All constructive critisism / comments / questions welcome!

Under the Bridge 2 - Snakehandling


Under the Bridge - My first doubles vid.

well - I've said in a few threads recently that Id make a vid to show some of the stuff i've been trying to explain, and here it is. No edits - just 4mins of me twirling little sticks. some of the new stuff i've been talking about isnt here, there will be another vid coming out when I've worked out what isnt in this one.

any and all constructive critisism is welcomed.

hope you enjoy;

thanks to Strugz and Soton-firespinning for hosting!


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Posted:edit: removed because rev is a moron
EDITED_BY: Rev (1099620158)

More useless information courtesy of Rev...
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Posted:Whoah, *awesome* stuff. This'll be the top of my double staff vid collection for sure smile

Some awesome moves there Josh!

How people do double staff is beyond me :o



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Posted:great new vid josh. damn.

you are the best twirler i have ever seen, fo ro. kudos-a-to-you!




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Posted:thats the best club swinging I have ever seen biggrin nice

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Posted:sweeet smile

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Posted:UTB 2

nice. good flow, impeccable planes and i like the snake sequence. it's been forever since i tried actually putting my hands btwn my legs to do btl... you pulled it off well and i'm gonna go re-add it to my repertiore.

there's a magic moment from 2:40 until 2:45, you turn your back and you have almost hit a point where the stick moves are less imprtant than an overall frame with the body and a pattern with the circles and timing which interacts with said frame. the sidestepping you do could definitely lead to a more defined dance movement with the body like say an african dance chest lift while bedding the knees, or a salsa hip shake, although really it could stand the way it is and so to me this moment has the most potential for greatness. you are using your whole body with intent.

you achieved it with the neck stall thingy at 2:50... your body ends in a nice position, and your arms come around in a nice arc,which would all look good sans fire, and the motions with the fire only accentuate the moment. if you preceded this move with a few of those steps- cross legs step to a crouch with one sticks move, cross legs step to crouch with another, and then BAM with the neck transfer you'd have yourself an "I'm getting laid tonight" event... it looks like a sculpture. you want to look like a moving painting each moment, and this is one. to me this is more powerful than the rest because, sorry but for the majority of the shots you are taking lots of steps and adding in lots of unnecessary and unintentful body movements. getting rid of unecessary stepping back and forth during spinning is sort of a mission of mine. if you step keep your poise and don't slouch unless it's part of the dance move. i reallise this wasn't a performance but i'm speaking rhetorically now. you could groom your style and be really powerful in notime. you have spinning technique and body awareness, now work on refining your postures and try to make your arm movements more picturesque. hip hop dnace classes could help.

well again I'm honored that you would seek my opinion and so there you have it. cheers! dreadlock freaks unite!

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Posted:that clubs video is gorgeous man ubblove really nice flow, variety and ideas! smile

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