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Carpal \'Tunnel
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How do you chose whcih song you want for a video?

Do you chose the song as you are starting to edit...

or do you pick a song.. then go "I want to make a video to this music".


No...tit really is that simple a question,


musashiistarring Skippy the green llama
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I'm a fan o the latter, I'll hear a song and it conveys the style I want to portray in the vid. Then I'll try to match my clips up to the song or go fer a clean spin.

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CantusSILVER Member
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how's that tourette's syndrome working out for you?

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Carpal \'Tunnel
15,414 posts
Location: United Kingdom

Im over the arse worst of it now, but I keep having wank relapses.


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mcpPLATINUM Member
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I like to find music that mostly no one i know knows of, that has a similar speed to the footage. I like it when nobody knows the music, but they like it.

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IfritBRONZE Member
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i prefere it to just because its a grt way of hearing new stuff. I then end up using videos just for the music. Like now listning to some mexican stuff from bens ideas.

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Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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i just turn the lights low and put on some peter andre.

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_Clare_BRONZE Member
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CantusSILVER Member
Tantamount to fatuity
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I'm profoundly deaf but fire looks pretty tongue

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" a rabbit caught in a lighthouse?" - Chellybean

DuncGOLD Member
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I currently keep a list of tunes that I hear and think will work well, and various video ideas that pop into my head in my phone so I don't have to worry about remembering them. And now I have a cam ( bounce ) I can get on with using some of them biggrin

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DurbsBRONZE Member
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I edit my video, see how long it is - then sort all my mp3's by length and see which ones come up smile
It's nice when a song ends as the video does, but I don't like editing to a fixed length.

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Spacecow00xSILVER Member
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i hate looking for music for videos, u can have the perfect song and off tempo poi swinging that doesnt really go with that song, heh suckage

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ImmortalAngelSILVER Member
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I like listening to songs and playing with all sorts of ideas in my head for things that could go along with it, but all the music I use in my videos is all original stuff that I have my brother make for me. The current video is just a hardcore guitar with hardcore distortion.

The way video making works for me:
I spin, my girl friend records it with a cam she borrows from school.
I spin, play and goof around untill we fill up the camera and all the disks we have.
She then has a field day taking her favorite stuff and editing it (She seriously loves it...and also loves to show me off to all her friends etc...infact, I've just got a few requests for birthday party performances from a few people who saw the video in progress.)
Somewhere along the way my brother sends me the song he made (he also enjoys it as it gives him a chance to do stuff he wouldn't get to do with his band etc...and gives him complete controll over the music).
My girlfriend then goes and makes sure the video fits with the music to one degree or another, and touches up here and there etc... so it all looks nice.

It's a fun process from start to finish and everyone involved has a blast. Nothing more fun than sitting around watching videos of our selves doing stupid things.

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i come from home of the bush d00fs so id say Psychedelic Trance all the way!!!

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