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Ok then. After a few months of saying I'd manage to get some video editing done I've got around to it smile

Unfortunately the big video of a performance that our group did I am gonna rework. However I will work on getting a new copy of it and will hopefully have that up inside a week.

Now on the other hand I *did* manage to first make this little teaser of some basic spinning from me. No throws, leg stuff, nothing fancy at all even (I'm kinda disappointed) just some finger spinning wink It's back from a few months ago, so I like to think I've learned a few things since then.

Anyways without further ado. . .

right click and choose "save target as" as always people.

Save my friend who was kind enough to host it for me some bandwidth wink

Comments, critiques, compliments, whatever is welcome smile

So there you have it. . . my first video!

*Edited to add. BTW, spinning like that warps metal staff's. Especially when you drop them redface

And also yes I know the video is really dark frown Most of the stuff isn't like that.

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Written by: Phellan

Anyways without further ado. . .


Do you mean me? ubblol

how weird is it that your screen name is my actual surname....

Thanks for the vid, i've never seen myself spin but i've always imagined that i would look exactly like that. cept my stick is bigger.

I liked it, aside from the darkness like you said, which sometimes cant be helped.

Love is the law.

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