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Posted:Man its been bout three months since i last twirled, than last nite i suddenly got the urge
but when i started i felt i'd had lost the nack
for the art, i kept on fumbling and dropping the staff. has this ever happened to anyone else? or is it just me and my clumsy ways

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Posted:Yup, happened to me too...
twirled with fire for the first time in two months cause i had to get pois sent over from back home in NZ. so sad. but its real good when you get it back again

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SmallBoy - x

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Posted:I have the ability to drop a staff religiously, as long as there's a table full of galss implements in the middle of the room.

Flukely i only break things if I'm at my own house.

Shhhhh - Don't tell BamBam - lol

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Posted:wish i knew what you guys were on about, i dont spin myself i just like to post here cos every one says they like me for some reason.


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Posted:Ok PK you do make me giggle..

I find if I've not spin for a while I loose my co-ordination... I couldn't spin for over a week after my car crash.. when I tried - not only had my ickle muscles tightened up (may have been result form crash - dunno) but I managed to hit myself several times- gave my self a whole new set of bruises..

I think it's because the brain pathways we create/strenghten whilst doing poi start to get used for something else.. or something like that..

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

You are never to old to storm a bouncey castle..


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Posted:hey VW, you like dropped the staff TWICE. Oh shock horror! lol (yes, im spcial, I was THERE. At least i think im referring to the same time n place)

But ner, you still whooped the other guys talent levels with ya bloody speed n stuff. Sometimes I hate you

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