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Could anybody suggest a type of dance to learn so I can display my fullest emotion in my performances.Thank ya`ll------------------peace, love and light*TOUCH*

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I suggest you try what works most for you. Not to be sassy, but I think there's a lot to be gleaned from all forms of movement (dance, martial arts, etc.). I immediately think of tai chi and modern dance. Both build a certain sense of flow as well as give a good sense of body awareness. But try out whatever movement intrigues you though and see what sticks.Diana

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Of course I agree with Diana, as usual. It's a personal thing. you might also want to try tumbling or belly dancing/snake dancing.I do hip hop moves alot, and some ballet.THis raises a hokey as it is..has any one ever tried any of the old break dancing moves from the 80's with poi?SOme of those moves seem like they would really translate over well.*Pele imagines someone spinning on their head, poi flying out at the sides*
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