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Hey poi people.I was at the juggling workshop @ the Drome in London last night, and looked around me and thought the question....How many poi people consider themselves as dancers, and how many as swingers/twirlers?I`d say I`m a fire dancer or I dance with poi.just interested.....Love *TOUCH*

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I do both...usually if there is no music, I twirl and move to an internal rythm which a lot of the time resembles more a martial arts kata, but if there is pounding Trance; I'm dancing baby!. The quality of my dancing is not in question is it?
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I'm not a dancer but I love to dance, I'm not a poier but I love to poi, I'm not a fire twirler but I love to twirl fire.One of about a thousand hobbies that I'm the best in the room at as long as no one else knows how to do it.
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PK is a god.. i love the Peeekster.

.:PK:. [poiinthepark founder member]

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i definitly dance.i get told all the time that i look like i'm dancing with the fire.i love dancing.

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The only time you'll see me dance is with fire
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I never was a dancer previously unless I was messed up on something, or there was a serious vibe. When I lit up and my first performance, I was all out, surprising myself. It was to music, but oh boy... I love dancing. Im thinking of ways to use each different form of dancing with poi. I was dancing to swing music a few weeks back. Very fun!However, I must relate my experience from last weekend. I busted out my homemeade towel wicks. And they were HEAVY!!!
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Especially the double wicks. It was all I could do to move the little I did, let alone work some fancy footwork in there.
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Hello ,dancing has always been part of my life and I love it. I must say however, that Poi helped me dance in public with not as much fear, shame and complexes as I had before.My most beautiful poi moment was when I got this "click" to just stop being too technical and start dancing.When I am outside in the daylight and no music / drummers around, I take my walkman and listen to some good music. At night, if I can't get some beat / music, I sort of ... eee... how should I put it ? sort of sing for myself to the beat of fire (yek ! sounds awful, cheesy and pompous ... but hopefully some of you have allready felt what I mean ??????) Music does help make my poiing a dance, but it is not necessary. Oh and one more thing. When I grab my poi, the first 5 minutes are usually lousy and tensed , all technical and definitely far from dancing and then suddenly I start dancing. But maybe that is because I am not such an experienced fire dancer ?Shine onCassandra[This message has been edited by cassandra (edited 04 July 2001).]

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i'm with josh.if the choons are a poundin. than i'll be a dancin. i used to love to just twirl on my own, in nature, no music. but recently i've kinda grown more into dancin to really nice psychedelic trance. anything but trance just doesn't really evoke as much emotion in me. Some ambient breaks and drum'n'bass can do but rarely for me. theres something that appeals to me in spinning fire outside, with tribal-esk trance (or drumming), that seems,,,,,,,, spiritual. almost back to 'reality'. dancing is more for when i'm really enjoyin and gettin into my choons/poi.while twirlin is a more relaxed, practicy atmosphere.
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I feel exactly the same way as the last guy. I LOVE TRANCE. the music is what got me interested in poi in the first place. I used to only do liquid/popping/waving. And I still do a lot of that. But in the past year or so I have gotten into poi. I guess I would consider myself a dancer at heart, because there is just something to being able to move and manipulate your body with out any outside influences, even poi. But at the same time I often feel like the poi is an extension of my being, and so it's kinda the same thing except not. Try listening to some GOA trance while spinning large flames, or some Paul Van Dyk/other mellow trance while spinning fabric or glow. It's really interesting the way that it changes the way that you feel

Am not a dancer but i use to be able to give profesional dancers (Hardcore-tecno) a run for their money. getting to old for it for music i have always listened to music whilst training. i know i wouldnt be able to do half the moves i can, or do it for as long as i can without music. its like the music gives me the energy to do the moves and the moves helps me to be more creative to the extent were i can dance with my chosen Fire tool, (sience bit!) I was told it had something to do with the body releasing adrenaline when training and when your adrenalin levels reach a certain peek and only then it kicks in another chemical released from the back of the brain (i just cant remmember the name) which gives an even better rush. hence helps with your creativity, "who needs drugs" with a rush like that and With fire. better stop know probably could go on for ages about the benefits of using music, back to the question though yes i do dance with my chosen fire tool, but i think you have gathered that. let the music take control of your moves so you can control your moves to the music.

David,I think you are refering to Endorphines...your own mood enhancers
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unfortunately, they also can be addictive (ask any compulsive sky diver)
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A good Trance track definitely triggers the release of endorphines in me. and twirling heightens the effect...Josh

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I dance. Always have.When I started to learn club swinging, I was concerned about the technique, making perfect moves, learning new ones, and stuff. Then, some day, a stupid girl asked me "how many moves could I do". I wanted to choke her with my poi, but that made me think.I realized its not about the moves, how many moves and for how long have you been spinning. Its about the feeling. So, I started to see that amazing hobby of mine as an art. And a connection to my spiritual side. So, I just let go of my thoughts and worries and dance. I dance freely, let my body do what it wants to do. No restrictions.I was a ballerina, used to discipline and perfect movements...but now I know how to combine the grace of ballet and the feeling of fire spinning. I'm a fire dancer.

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Sometimes dancer, sometimes martial arts kata, sometimes both at the same time.Put your entire body, mind and spirit into it. you do best when you don't think about it, because if you have to take the time to think about it, it has already happened.

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I am told I dance.. with or without music.. Which is funny cause I would never have known unless someone told me - after watching my wicks fill up with flames, the next thing I know they are out and I'm needing more! I wouldn't practise at all if it weren't for music though, and I agree, good music (usually trance) gets my blood surging whether there is fire there or not
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The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.- B.B.King

Hi its the goth you meet at the march (BSL)I dance with my Poi and they dance with me.We interact with each other.I like to dance with out them as well, although people think goths dont dance i have been asked if i thak lessons!Feel the way your poi dance and dance with them

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