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Looking for someone i met the night of the burn.Josh , are you back home yet?this is christian,you shared your fuel for me the night of the burn... just outside emerald city.anyway, just wanted to keep in touch.shoot me a mail if you get this

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Hey Desertpanda, were you the staff guy with shaved hair?... If yes, we spun together because I met Josh right in front of Emerald City after the Burn too.By the way, it was really nice to meet you Josh and Katinca. And so random too! I never thought I'd end up meeting you in the middle of 25,000 people! I enjoyed chatting with you guys a lot and hope to see you one of these days, maybe in Australia, who knows...Nomad[This message has been edited by Nomad (edited 05 September 2001).]

hey nomad,yeah, that was me. furry boots/loincloth/shaved head and all!i recall meeting and playing with you as you also go by jason?anyway,yeah man, we should stay in touch.i didn't make too many connections this year, but the ones that i did, i definitely want to keep.write me a mail so i can put you in my address book.use covr@yahoo.comoh and if you happen to get in touch with josh, give him my contact info as wellpeace to you my burnbrother,keep the vibe o de tribe alibe!dp

Hi Christian,this is me (Josh) add me to your address book if you want - I'm cool with that
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Just got back from the States this arvo - will post a review of my intercontinental twirling experiences soon...seeya!Josh

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