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As in, when you just pick up your poi and you just "spin" them - what do you do whilst thinking about tricks or idly spinning them?

I always resort/return to low-reels - no idea why. I practically never do 3-beat weaves anymore, if I want to "fill" space, it is always low reels, likewise when I first pick up poi, it's the first "move" i'll do and if I'm talking whilst spinning - again it's
always low reels smile

As for why - I'm think it's because it just feels really nice, keeps the planes neat (in performing), it's easy to turn with (but then so are weaves...), doesn't interfere with eye-level so I can talk over the poi and meh - I don't know. But I've been doing it for years now...

Just wondered what everyone else does - and how they think it reflects their styles...

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I will join the ranks of those with nothing to prove and say hip reels. Outward, alternating hip reels, aka low wave.

I think lots of Americans and beginners do use the weave as their base move, but I think that's due to 1) HOP teaching it as one of the basics 2) the infinite looping feel of it is what gets many people hooked on poi in the first place.

Before hip reels, mine was fwd ttn... because nobody had explained reels to me properly at that time.

How does one "tighten" ball chain?!?

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Written by:

what do you do to tighten them?

Written by:

How does one "tighten" ball chain?!?

I assumed Boomshanker ment "pulling your hands appart" during hyp buzz. weavesmiley Im not sure now tho confused2

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weaves are still my base move, so I guess thats how much I suck

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Either wall plane weaves, outwards BF reels or TTN.

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Following a lot of spinning this weekend I can pretty confidently put myself down as an outward butterfly split reels man.

How passe.

Good thread Durbs biggrin

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oooh oooh I've thought of mine!

same direction TTN throws. As easy as Monica Lewinski in an almost circular office and deffiately what I spend most of my spin-chat time doing ubbrollsmile

Let's relight this forum ubblove

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Btb 3bt weave or a reverse 5bt weave

One handed butterfly or One handed 2bt weave when feeling like doing somthing new

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I bounce between the 2bw, to corkscrews when I pick up my Poi. During conversations, I usually go into the windmill or a variation of the butterfly with wrist wraps.

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Um actually tonight it seemed to be BTB BF wall plane 2 beat weave, which I did every time I was talking to someone... Good practise I guess smile

"Moo," said the happy cow.

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