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AmanitaSILVER Member
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Location: Halifax, NS, Canada

I've been trying and trying, but I just can't seem to get the hang of the weave:(
No matter what, I just end up with tangles, or I end up getting whacked,and then I just want to bounce the darn poi off of a wall or something.
I've been thinking of buying the instructional video from the online shop here, will that help me any?

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MiGGOLD Member
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well, before anyone else does, i'll let you know this: do a search for it through here, there's a button up there somewhere for it. If that still doesnt help, then come back into this post, and ask again.

Im not being rude here, but its probably been covered in waaay greater detail than i can provide. Best of luck, and hang in there! It'll come biggrin

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Well, the Michael Kahn book is quite good.
And practice with clubs makes the whole thing a bit more easy. Cause you can controll them more.

Tao StarPooh-Bah
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if you can't do it from instructions on the net (which is hardly surprising) then i reckon you should find someone to teach you.

there really is no substitute for a good teacher and they can tell you exactly what you are doing wrong, rather than being like a video and just showing you the same thing over and over again (which is well annoying if you still can't do it.)

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angel2 [Old link] angel2

ubbangel [Old link] ubbangel

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AmanitaSILVER Member
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Location: Halifax, NS, Canada

Thanks guys:) I followed the links, did a bit of surfing from there and found a couple of videos that should help:)
One demonstrates the proper hand movements with a stick- that should be helpful. Scary thing is, I've probably done it numerous times with a staff already.

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mebbe thats the problem
staff is locked together... you need two sticks or rulers or clubs and just work it out there...

the way i always try to explain it it make one hand do a figure of eight in front and just follow it with the other hand....

trying to save you money here...

friends are useful!

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weavesmileyhi. the way i learned, (and i'm not so sure if this will help if you can't see it) is to start with one poi in you hand, put the other one down, and just focus on one side at a time. so, you have one in your hand, and you just start slow, with just a forward spin, make sure your plains are realitivly flat, and then you cross it in front of your body like a figure eight. go back to the comforitable forward spin as often as you need to, and repeat figure eight. then practice with the other side. i found it easier if you are just focusing on one hand/side at a time. hope that helps devil

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Try and segmentate the proces. If you have clubs, use them.
Just take it nice and easy.

onewheeldaveGOLD Member
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Although it's worth saying that for some people clubs are no use at all.

Me, for example, I've never been able to make use of clubs to help learn any move, I'm much better off using poi throughout.

But some people seem to find them a good in between step.

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margitaSILVER Member
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i have to agree with one wheel there!! i found my clubs recently and tried to do some poi moves with them, but i ended up whacking myself in the head! which is really bad cos i used to do calisthenics, and used clubs every week for a couple of years!! now i'm useless with clubs!! ubbloco

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DurbsBRONZE Member
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Have you tried repeating "Over-under-out" out loud in a New Zealand accent to yourself?

That's how I learnt smile

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zebradavidSILVER Member
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lol thats how ive been teachin my dancin friends to do the weave, and each time i start sayin that they normally start chasin me with there poi so that they can hit me, but it does help

DuncGOLD Member
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If this is any use....

...when I've taught poiple to weave I found a real easy way. Start with both poi going at same time at your sides. Then cross your arms like when boxers do Jump rope. Try to do this until it's a smooth transition from straight to crossed and back to straight. You'll notice when your arms cross you will have left arm over right arm or right arm over left arm. Make sure you learn both and try to do them one after the over left....left over right...right over left....left over right.

The weave is basically the same motion as this except in split poi is moving 180 degrees different from the other so one is ahead. Then you get the "chase" or "weave" in 3bts.

If you do the right over left...left over right alternating etc you'll have three beats. If you only do right over left...right over left you'll be doing two beats.

You might find it useful to look in this forum

and in particular this video from poipoipoi's site although you may need to register to watch the vids. Personally I think he has the best tutorial vids I've ever seen. biggrin



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