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Posted: by robin_corfu
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"Hi "The Lemon Tree" restuarant bar located in Ag. Gordios on the west coast of Corfu Greece is looking for the following if you are interested please contact me!!1) free room and board ..."
Posted: by trintek
Last Reply: by trintek
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"Sons of Ares is currently looking to recruit some new fire performers. SoA is looking for people in the San Antonio and Austin areas, tryouts will be held at Sams Burger Joint on Saturd..."
Posted: by Kat
Last Reply: by Kat
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"Kota and I are off to Amsterdam to celebrate three years together in stoned bliss! If anyone is in Amsterdam these dates and would like to meet up for a spin let me know?Otherwise I ..."
Posted: by Kat
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"Fans of Ozzie rock monster GrinspoonThey will be playing in Glasgow tonight and in Hammersmith this weekend.Went to see them play in Camden last night, am now a fan!Killing Heidi are pl..."
Posted: by Kristy-Lee
Last Reply: by spiralx
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"HI!Am fresh from Aussie Land looking to join a fire group, around Kent would be good...and some cool play mates for hanging out in London! "
Posted: by fireflyzSA
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"All those living in south africa (jo'burg) CLICK HERE to see why &lbr; 24. January 2003, 04:14: Message edited by: fireflyzSA &rbr;"
Posted: by robin_corfu
Last Reply: by Pele
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"hello fire dancers! some girl named beth and a friend, stopped by my bar during the summer and we were introduced to the art of fire dancing, I don't know where to contact her or anyone..."
Posted: by PK_
Last Reply: by .Morph.
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"we have shortages of cakes, handbags and blankets for PIP on the 1st.. seems drome can suply name tags... good idea! may i add.but we simply can sit in mud were not all hippies and like..."
Posted: by pinktrash
Last Reply: by Rozi
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"Hello, I'm popping down to sydney next weekend. Was wondering where you all go for a spin there? Not sure yet how much free time I'm going to have between all the visting relatives stuf..."
Posted: by tadpole
Last Reply: by The_Pirate_Dyke_Boy
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"To all the Londoners...I have the chance of going to London on Saturday and was wondering if anything goes on. Before anyone shouts about checking Events, I have, but it's kinda hard se..."
Posted: by fireflyzSA
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"To ALL South Africans,FireFlyz is a new group starting up, and invites everyone and anyone, with any talent (poi, staff, etc) to the first gathering.For location and more info plz fone ..."
Posted: by Twirl'N'Burn
Last Reply: by shads
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"Not me that is for sure in stoney broke! So who did go a few of my mates did and had an awesome time. Anybody else?"
Posted: by Viciousgundam
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"Are there any people that rave, poi, staff, hands or whatever that live in the Westchester County New York. There may be a rave event or contest in the future. Will give dates if ther..."
Posted: by pinktrash
Last Reply: by SmallBoy - x
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"Hello to everyone I met at Spitalfields last night, and thanks for all the tips! I'll practice hard, and see you next week!"
Posted: by alterego
Last Reply: by Raphael96
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"Hey everyone in San Diego!I am moving to Naples, Italy for 2 1/2 years on the 15th of Jan and was wondering if you guys wanted to get together this weekend for an informal little spin. ..."
Posted: by master sodium
Last Reply: by Pele
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"so last night at my fire group I was informed of something really cool. the halftime show choreographer for the super bowl has been talking to crimson rose (head of the burning man fire..."
Posted: by Pyro_Tech
Last Reply: by audax
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"Okay, quick post here....Anyone going to the Big Day Out???Sydney, Brissie or elsewhere??Ciao!Rach "
Posted: by BlazingIce
Last Reply: by coleman
Views: 840    Replies: 2
" Where is every one from E-town? ?"
Posted: by pj
Views: 668    Replies: 0
"SpinJam is an indoor practice/teaching/learning gathering. If you are familiar with the San Francisco SpinJams, well, this is the same thing on the east coast. We'll have DJs and plen..."
Posted: by H
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"Details at http://juggle.org.nz or eMail festival@juggle.org.nz"
Posted: by .draevon
Last Reply: by Puk
Views: 1359    Replies: 5
"Hello everyone ... We have received an awful lot of emails over recent months from people wanting to know what's going on with Incendium. After a long bout of 'personal conflicts', the..."
Posted: by vaperloc...the mighty
Last Reply: by vaperloc...the mighty
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"hey guys I was just wondering if any of yall wanna get together sometime soon .just post up and we'el work out a time and place "
Posted: by FireMikeZ
Last Reply: by Raphael96
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"WELCOME to the Official Home of Poi Southern California-wide Thread maintained by SoCalFire (including OrangeFire)Southern California Fire Arts Networkgatheri..."
Posted: by Agua
Last Reply: by Agua
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"Well All,It seems that fortune has smiled on me. As of Feb. 2nd I shall be leaving St. Louis to live with my cousins in San Diego. I plan on attending school out there somewhere eventu..."
Posted: by Iandd
Last Reply: by flash fire
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"Orrite folks,we beltane people see www.beltane.org want to come and play in Amsterdam over a weekend. We'll be drummers and fire performers, stiltwalkers and jugglers and more and want ..."
Posted: by caniffis
Last Reply: by caniffis
Views: 812    Replies: 3
"Hi there to all those HOP ers that were at the dome in the UK this year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! A fantasitc night and one that shall be rembered, i hope after a bit more of a detox!!! to all..."
Posted: by Nyx
Last Reply: by FreMke3
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"Hey everyone out there in sunny southern california where i wish i was right now... I have a request for ya...My friend Scot (a.k.a Hinami) is packing his bags and getting out of Dodg..."
Posted: by nomad
Last Reply: by FreMke3
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"If you're in Boston or nearby for New Year's Eve, ANTHELION will be performing in the First Night Parade. We'll be located towards the end of the procession and will have a Burning Man-..."
Posted: by UCOF
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
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"told you i would put it up here"
Posted: by Antti_Pantti
Last Reply: by Wikkaman
Views: 1167    Replies: 2
"Hi. Im traveling in Barcelona and im looking for fire, juggling etc events or gatherings in here.. i do poi and staff/doublestaff and juggle a bit. Ive heard of a great gathering in ..."
Posted: by MrConfused
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"Can anyone fill me in on a couple of details? Hoping to go this year, had a look at the website, but it was in german and seemed to be all about last years event.I know the actual parad..."
Posted: by Rebekah
Last Reply: by Rebekah
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"Hi...Just wondering if anyone knows of any goa/psy-trance scenes in New Zealand? Particularly Auckland, but anywhere else as well? Thanks,Rebekah"
Posted: by Katinca
Last Reply: by PK_
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"So what are people doing for New years? Is there anything psy-trance, or mad fire spinning going on in Manchester? Sheffield? Leeds? or other northern midlandy places, that I can get to..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by dulce flames
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"Ok, whoever knows where Kyri is, can you please have her get in touch with FireMike by phone?"
Posted: by Mark P
Last Reply: by Jim
Views: 1236    Replies: 2
"Hi Folks,Was just looking to see who would be around on new years eve in the brizzle area Hopefully me, Woody and Chloe will be doing a poi gig in bristol and then moving on to a free..."
Posted: by The United ChainsOf Fire (Chris)
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
Views: 6912    Replies: 63
"Firstly Another message from chris to say he is alive. Hooray.Jon and I were thinkin of doing a Poi meet in Harrow on the Hill Its a really nice spot to spin from. This will be a week o..."
Posted: by Charles
Last Reply: by audax
Views: 4222    Replies: 38
"It seems a number of us have been emailed about working in the middle east at the beginning of next year.A serious word of warning...I've heard of a number of cases where people have go..."
Posted: by Dom
Views: 952    Replies: 0
"Visionz FestivalSounds cool, thinking of running down there. Anyone know if it's any good or anyone going???Er, anyone got a spare tent??? "
Posted: by JeStEr
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 1455    Replies: 3
"Hi all just thought I let and or remind people in melb that St Andrews holds a night market the thursday before christmas, after dark there's usually some twirling up on the hill behind..."
Posted: by Thomas
Last Reply: by Thomas
Views: 989    Replies: 4
"hey, im on holidays near brisbane, a place called Cleveland, does anyone poi around this area, I would like to meet up with others. I heard that there a meeting on South Bank on Mondays..."
Posted: by _Stix_
Last Reply: by jim bombadil
Views: 3068    Replies: 16
"*Back at Mendip District Council for another marathon Glastonbury Public Entertainments Licence (PEL) hearing. It's becoming like a second home.Michael Eavis arrived just before the 6pm..."
Posted: by Knoxious
Last Reply: by .:* Moon Pixie *:.
Views: 2710    Replies: 19
"Hey hey!Anyone here going to Woodford this year? It's been about 4 years since I've last been.... is there still the nightly gathering outside the Chai Tent?I'd love to get together wit..."
Posted: by .:* Moon Pixie *:.
Last Reply: by .:* Moon Pixie *:.
Views: 1706    Replies: 2
"Hey Gorgeous People!This months moonfest, on Friday 20th December, is Yellow and being so close to Summer Solstice (22nd) I thought we could celebrate this as well. Dress in yellow li..."
Posted: by Altera
Last Reply: by queen of wands
Views: 1183    Replies: 1
"ok well after new years this year im coming down to melbourne and the last time i was there i randomly ran into some other twirlers and was wanting to do it again this year so melbourni..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by PK_
Views: 1616    Replies: 2
"Next year (til April)new sci-fi horror film with Dracula theme will be filmed(-ing?) in our country. Debra Brown,choreographer from Circus de Soleil made a competition to find fireperfo..."
Posted: by Michal
Last Reply: by Michal
Views: 1978    Replies: 9
"xmas poi party on Sunday 15th from 8-11pm in London Bridge!featuring cake, performances, music, spinning, dancing, drink, cake, giggling etc. Admission free! performance at 8:30pm so ..."
Posted: by Kat
Last Reply: by Kat
Views: 1939    Replies: 12
"Coleman / Smallboy and other heads.Will be in Cafe Cairo on Saturday night for chai and chat from 8 / 8.30"
Posted: by gooble
Views: 929    Replies: 0
"Ok you've heard the hype, but whose going?Do you think we can orgainse a way of meeting up, so we can put a face to the name.I have come up with an idea of having a message board at the..."
Posted: by _Stix_
Last Reply: by will_uk
Views: 4039    Replies: 7
"This friday there will be an evolutionary mutation in visual communication and psy culture. 4 v.j's & 4 d.j's will be sharing the stage for an onslaught of mind blowing audio & 360' vis..."
Posted: by star sign
Last Reply: by _Stix_
Views: 908    Replies: 1
"Apparently mendip borough council have refused Glastonbury Festivals Licence application by 5 votes to 4... I cant believe it!! Anybody have any more info?"
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