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Posted: in jo's video he does a butterfly but the Poi cross at the sides and not the top.also he does this alternating on each side of his bodyi would love to know how to do this.

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Posted:To Make the Poi cross on the side instead of at the top. Simply do a normal butterfly in split time. Easy as that.To cross from one side of your body to the other first practice turing around with this move ie. From spnning forward turn around and now you should be spinning backward. The principle is the same as when you turn around while doing the in time butterfly and I actually find it easier to do when you are spinning split time.When you can turn both left and right. Start by doinf the split time butterfly infront of you then turn the top of your body to the right keeping your feet still you should now be spinning in the opposite direction to wich you started now go back to spinning in front of you then turn to the left. If you turn to the right and then the left with no dead beats inbetween you will be doing the move that Jo did in his video.Don't know how clear that was but it's the best i can do.Good Luck--Stephen