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  Posted: Okay, here's a move I made up that I haven't seen anywhere else. The timing is tricky, but it is possible.Start by spinning in front of your body, both chains traveling in time either clockwise or counter-clockwise, as you prefer. For this discussion we'll say that at the top of the circle, the Poi is traveling toward your right side. This trick has four "beats". 1) As the Poi in your left hand passes center at the top of its arc, cross the right hand over the left, still in front of you, for one revolution on your left side, then back over. 2) Cross the left hand over your shoulder & behind your head for one revolution, then back. 3)Cross the right hand over your shoulder & behind your head for one revolution. (2 & 3 are basically a windmill) 4) As the right Poi begins traveling down its arc from up center, cross the left Poi over the right, still in front of you, for one revolution on your right side, then back.I found it was easier to perfect this move by practicing each piece separately, then running them all together, 1,2,3,4... It looks pretty grand & I've gotten a good response from people watching. Also, you can drop into this move from weave or anywhere else where you can get into a "windmill" or "chase the sun" pattern.

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  Posted:Hehe, I can do that. Nice one, isn't it - particularly at night.

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  Posted:hey Valkyrie, your move sounds really cool but unfortunately i didn't quite get steps 1&4... can you explain it in more detail? how do i start the move; how can i be spinning both of the Poi in time in front of me with the same direction? don't they get entangled? or are you using short chains and have your hands well apart - in which plane are the Poi spinning?the move sounds like the fountain which is basically a weave-windmill that so or is this something completely different???thanx a lot in advance,Simos



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  Posted:"but i wanna learn karate!""yes daniel-san. you learn karate. wax-on, wax-off, wax-on, wax-off."horribly misquoted, sorry. smilei haven't tried your move yet, but it sounds kinda difficult...[This message has been edited by o-o (edited 10 January 2001).]


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