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  Posted: Ok - didn't know what to call it.Giant windmill, but turning around.. erm.So you start one arm doing a large circle, and the other follows it, basically your arms are always 180 degrees apart.God damn. I really wish I had a video camera to film it then it would be much easier.Does anyone else find that trying to describe moves via text is almost impossible? :/So yeah, you're turning either clockwise or anticlockwise constantly while doing large circles. You can even stop turning and just have your arms rotating. It'd be a hell of a lot easier if the shoulders were more flexible though.So then if you're not turning, you can either have your arms swinging forwards in large circles or back. then you can turn around while doing this, forward to back, back to forward, to constantly turning, to forward, the possibilities are ... well, numerous.Also, a bit of between the leg stuff.Swinging one Poi forward, one backwards.They both go through the legs, and you turn 180 degrees, and they come out opposite directions.or butterfly a Poi through your leg from behind, let it go and catch it. wee.arr, there's just too many moves.where are all the kiwis?come to auckland - victoria park tuesday fire nights dammit!


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