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DiosBRONZE Member
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Location: Berlin, Germany

many of poi-&co.-playing, practising, training, dancing Berlin spinners meet in the Volkspark Friedrichshain near the boulder in the summer. here are some informations:

Where is the boulder?
Berlin - Volkspark Friedrichshain - Boulder

Optional every thursday and every sunday if sun shines, beginning is maybe in the early afternoon.

[*]Tram M10, "Arnswalder Platz" (at street Danziger Strae)
[*]if you want to bring a blanket for the temporary lazies and something to drink for the temporary busies with. smile
[*]it's not wrong to bring with an mp3-player with some nice music.
[*]A shop wich is open longer is not far (near tram stop).
[*]petrol could be nice.
[*]some safety equipment could be there, but maybe bring also your own with.

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