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peteyboySILVER Member
38 posts
Location: Worcester, United Kingdom

just move to uni in worcester and dying to meet up with some spinners to learn some new move and just have a laugh!

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Mr ChutneySILVER Member
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Location: Bristol,UK

All sounds possible Joe, no promises as I have possible family commitments- any ideas on parking around there?

Mr_JoePart-time genius
59 posts
Location: Netherlands

OK weather's not as nice as I hoped for and there's not gonna be anyone can make it this week it seems, so we shall try again next week. Next Sunday 2-5 on the field next to the outdoor centre/county hall, weather permitting smile

Mr_JoePart-time genius
59 posts
Location: Netherlands

Right, things have moved on quite some way! Myself and Sketch went to a meet organised by a very nice bloke called John at the Green Centre over in Dines Green this evening, and all was rather lovely smile

The space is brilliant, big with very high ceilings and good lighting. It5's gonna be on every week, with a 3 donation towards the space. It started at 1830 this week, and I think it'll be the same from now on, I'll probably post again to confirm though. Please make this if/when you can, it really is too good to pass up on, I reckon we've got the beginnings of a very good thing indeed here biggrin

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Location: england

Hello.....Suz from other night...just put a thread on too bout club without seeing this one...ooooops! Anyway was real good to see you guys there appreciate you both making the journey and nick you put me to shame on ya poi!!!.
Hopefully we'll have lots more fun tuesday nites with some new faces and cant wait to get out doors with some fire in the future yay!!!!!!
See you guys next week : smile smile smile smile

djCoiPowSILVER Member
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11 posts
Location: Ledbury, Herefordshire. West Midlands, United King...

hello everyone!!
ive been spinning 4 months and am keen to learn new tricks and have a chat!!
what where and when?

i live in ledbury, where do i need to travel to? as i would really like to have a spin with some locals?

lv carl

catzBRONZE Member
7 posts
Location: Malvern UK

hi is there anyone who would be interested in doing a bit of spinning at an event im doing on the 4th aug malvern
cheers cat

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