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Posted: So this september I will be traveling with my family to spend two weeks in Holland. Obviously, I will be bringing my Firestaff. However, we're going to be going to London as well and also Paris via the train. I was just wondering if anybody native to the area had any tips on how to best transport my staff. Is it going to be an issue for me to just carry it on to the train with me? Am I going to have to get a special kind of luggage ticket or carrying case for it? I myself am not too concerned and am pretty content to just wing it. My mother, however, does not share my optimism and seems utterly convinced that any method of public transportation would not allow me on board with my staff. If anybody could offer me some insight on how to best travel with a 5-and-a-half-foot staff.

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Posted:i regularly take my staff on buses, in taxis and into bars, anytime someone has asked about it has been more out of interest than thinking i was going to use it to do something. usually theyre nice about it if they think its a security risk and will offer to put it somewhere for you, just ask where and let them know that you hold them accountable for any damages done to it then make sure to sit close to it so you know its safe. most trains have an overhead luggage compartment it can be safe in and an area behind the seats at either end of the carriage that it is relatively safe in (its loose and near a door though which, like any luggage, makes it easy for anyone to steal it and be off the train, which is why its best to sit close to it)

id recommend having some pictures/videos of you using the staff that you can show anyone who may want to take it off you, just in case they arent nice about it. also avoid using it in the station, i almost lost a set of Poi in glasgow because security were having a slow day

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Posted:I have travelled many times with Poi and staff on the train, the tram, and busses here in Holland and never had any problems. Even spinning with Poi and staff on the platforms of the station is OK to do (as long it is not with fire). If people ask questions: just tell them you are a fire artist, which will probably make them curious. Oh and if you like: let's meet up and spin together! ;-)