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Looking for those willing to help a newbie who really wants to swing poi...

I have scoured training videos all over the web, and still struggling with anything beyond the basic (very basic). I am convinced I need a real live person to help. I've wanted to do this for soooo many years, it's really frustrating that the videos aren't helping!

Anyway, we're in northern Ohio, right in the middle, and willing to travel a reasonable distance to get help.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey if you're looking to meet spinners check out the Ohio Burn Unit a troupe based out of Cleveland, Adam Dipert and Ryan McGuire are two great spinners in Columbus, Incendium Arts is based out of Cincinnati (which is where I am typing this from), Insignia is based out of Akron and the Spunion Tribe is in Marion. There's a wealth of knowledgeable spinners in Ohio so try some of these options as I am sure someone in the above list can be of some help.

Good luck and happy spinning!

Peace, Love, Circles

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BEING THAT THIS MESSAGE WAS OVER 5 YEARS OLD you probably are not interested in being taught but i'm sure your a good spinner by now and would love to meet up if were in a reasonable distance. i live in Sidney, ohio.

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