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Location: Dublin

wanna go travel ireland and spin fire in some cool spots....castles and stuff, would love to meet up with fellow spinners along the way, hav a sesh!!!

smile and get naked smile

_Clare_BRONZE Member
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Hi there beer... nice to meet you. smile

When you clicked on the meet others section there was a wee search button... if you had typed in Ireland - our lil thread would have popped up biggrin

Ah well, never mind. smile

Alternatively, drop in to the all-Ireland thread in the events section - we're all in there from time to time... there's people in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Offaly and Belfast.

So come say hello.

Take care
Clare x

Getting to the other side smile

Helen_of_PoiSILVER Member
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Check out the Clonakilty Juggling Convention this weekend for a start! All the info you need about that, and anything to do with spinning and spinners in Ireland can be found here: [Old link] which the lovely Clare mentioned above (and started in the first place smile )

And in the next few weeks, the Dublin university juggling clubs will be starting up again, once all the students are back, so come along and introduce yourself!

Helen hug


EJC Ireland 2006 Organisational Team

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Location: Dublin

thanks for the info, i'l try that all ireland thread, talk and spin with ya soon i hope smile

smile and get naked smile

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