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Hi everyone!

Are you a poi-spinner in Oslo/Norway?

I think Im in big need for help. Im now struggling with moves behind the back and I feel I can`t go any further frown

I recently left england, the spain, havin a break in Sweden (travelling around cool ) but soon I will be in Norway and Oslo.

Lookin for someone there, experienced poi and firepoi-spinner. to practice poi-spinning with aswell as havin a coffee ^^

Also wanna meet people just for having fun share the visions!^^

Let me know ^^ and hopefully see yha later!

Take care everyone and keep up your cool spirits!

/// Bissa weavesmiley

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hmm, hopefully dom will come by and notice this thread... i suppose you could pm him ... altho he is travelling right now!

might try moving this to "meet others" as well...

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