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Hello. This is Art from Bangkok. I just arrived in Melbourne this week and would like to meet up with some other jugglers or fire people, or see some shows. I only have poi, balls and clubs with me, no fire stuff. I'm living in Brunswick...

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hey art, these are our two gatherings. the top one, sundays from 7ish. the bottom one is wednesdays, im not sure when they start though.

[Old link]

[Old link]

cheers, pete

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hey art.

u got it easy.

at the top of brunswicks st is edinburgh gardens, in the middle of it from about 9 till late u will find a fairly large crowd of fire twirlers, drummers and other yahoos.

in addition to that, from 8 till 10 pm on wednesdays is a gathering called jugglejam. 5 pitt st brunswick ( irenes warehouse). 3 buck entry and its like a free for all, heaps of tricksters of all different manipulations, i learn a bit of unicycle there too.

i usually go from 1 to the other if i want. apart from these there is also sunday twirling in alexandria gardens in the city, im out east, n on fridays in begrave there is a small fire crew who i sorta head and play around with there.

anyway i reckon that helps.....or just juggle at the state library/ federation square n u will usually run into a juggler or 2.
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I've never been ( as i come from ballarat) but the Melbourne University has a juggling club.

On Mondays they meet in the Green Room in the Frank Tate Building (underneath Bullwinkles) at 13:00.
On Thursdays they meet in the North Court, outside Union House at 17:30. It costs $5 for a yearly membership.

You can contact Anna Gordon

Hope this helps

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I love Irene. It's a great space. You should deffinatley check it out.

God I miss Melbourne!!

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