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Posted: by Firey fae
Last Reply: by fellowing
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"Hi thereI live in Johannesburg South Africa and am desperately looking for someone to help me learn some new tricks, if there is anyone close by who is willing to help please let me kno..."
Posted: by Ulaliya
Last Reply: by loverice
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"Hello! I was wondering if there is anybody out there in the Ohio area? I'm going to school at Kent State University and as far as I know, I'm the only one out here who is interested i..."
Posted: by ozzy123
Last Reply: by acidsoda
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"Industrial accidents are at times wake up calls for employers. They realize the importance of workplace safety only after an accident. As the head of an institution, it is the responsib..."
Posted: by Trybal Wolf
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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"I am so excited!Tomorrow, (5-19-13) is my 500th day since I started spinning poi. (It will also be my 500th consecutive day of poi spinning.) This has been an incredible, life-changin..."
Posted: by dj_retro
Last Reply: by thomas_davis1
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"Yes, as you might have heard Oklahoma is very boring. Well not all the time but when I have no on to spin with it gets boring. Yes, I know all about the meet others thing but I just wan..."
Posted: by twig
Last Reply: by twig
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"Hi EveryoneI'm new here and new to poi so hello everyone!So anyway, I have these poi I am very new to spinning poi and a..."
Posted: by Trybal Wolf
Last Reply: by Jasspy
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"Hey spinners, what kind of pants do you guys like best for spinning in?You've got Banyan pants (action pants), Poplins, Aladdin or Harem pants, Thai Fisherman pants, and many, many more..."
Posted: by Threeworlds
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"Hey Guys, Just a word out to all the dragon staff twirlers. We have been working hard on a new design for everyone, and have finally got it down. You can check it out and pre-order on o..."
Posted: by SaymeTheStilter
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"Hi guysIs there anyone who knows any great ideas for on-stage performances on peg-stilts, something to show off what can be done. All I can really think off is dancing to a song, I'm no..."
Posted: by Jo
Last Reply: by sdfsdf3DD
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"Anyone know any good ones?here's my favourite:address: DNB & similarregistration requirements: 2gb of DNBJo. "
Posted: by saffire
Last Reply: by heluxx
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"Wood or aluminium? I have been twirling my firestaff for about a year now. I started off with a wooden staff which I made for myself and have stuck with wood ever since.Most people seem..."
Posted: by jadedmist
Last Reply: by Dustvayne
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"I was wondering if there were any people around the arlington, washington area or maybe snohomish county area that would like to get together and do some staff twirling. You know teach/..."
Posted: by iamigo
Views: 609    Replies: 0
"Hi all,I'm looking to Poi performers for an advert. The shoot will probably be abroad and taking place between 17th and 24th April.Please email me on if you are interes..."
Posted: by Sp!nna of the Bury
Last Reply: by abaogamegood
Views: 6244    Replies: 18
"Boo! To add a lil sparkle to my stonedness... ...If you were a faery/pixie/cheeky ikkle wood nymph for a day, and could do whatever you most desired to do...What wou..."
Posted: by Whizard
Last Reply: by emmalemon
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"Hey, I'm relatively new to these forums and I want to know. How do I mark all read so I don't respond to old posts?"
Posted: by Gups
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"Hey All, Rather short notice, but just remembered I hadn't posted here yet! I'm arranging an hour of glow Tai Chi and glow spinning (no fire please!) at the Bandstand in Aldershot's Pri..."
Posted: by Barry_Rowden
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"I am looking for people who are in my area that spin poi to get together and spin and have fun!"
Posted: by Sean Wittig
Views: 682    Replies: 0
"Hey everyone, My name is Sean Wittig and I am from Milwaukee, WI. This is my most recent poi video, it is the entry video for the Summer Camp masquerade troupe contest. I wanted to get ..."
Posted: by bryan_Schwaller
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"HEY YALL!!! Just wanted to stop by and drop this video i entered the SCamp video contest. If you could watch the video and IF YOU LIKE IT LIKE IT ON THE YOUTUBE page PLEASE!! Please com..."
Posted: by dan~d~lion
Views: 491    Replies: 0
"HI everyone! Hope you are all well! so i created this video to try and win a spot on this masquerade troupe for summer camp music festival this yr in may! Part of the video is how many ..."
Posted: by MikeIcon
Last Reply: by MikeIcon
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"Family, friends, and beautiful beings of the interwebs,Im making an effort to make it to France for the EJC this year, however, I don't think I can do it on my own. Luckily, my birthday..."
Posted: by Peachi Pete
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"Hiya,My partner Claire is visiting Northampton Massachusetts over Easter (22nd March to April 2nd) and looking to meet other poisters and hoopsters (even jugglers if desperate ;-) while..."
Posted: by TinklePants
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"Like candy, sweet, sweet candy, bit by bit, to savour the flavour!"
Posted: by Sir Nuggit
Last Reply: by Nellen03
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"Thank you studioHi and welcome to Channel 7 news with me, Nuggit. I'm here with Professor Notalot, the leading authority on woodchucks.Professor, just how much wood must a woodchuck ch..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by Nellen03
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"I'm sorry, I've been searching all morning by my damn internet keeps defaulting to American websites.All I want to know is how much is an 8 foot 2x4 piece of wood. Do you have 2x4s? O..."
Posted: by jaero
Last Reply: by Nellen03
Views: 3284    Replies: 8
"no, seriously... how much wood? very important that I find out"
Posted: by ROBZILLA
Last Reply: by Nellen03
Views: 6262    Replies: 23
"just exactly how much could it chuck???? "
Posted: by Lycanthrope
Last Reply: by Nellen03
Views: 11441    Replies: 38
"i loved this show so much, fox & badger were my favourite charactesr i hated toad, i cried when the mice were eaten by the butcher bird and when the hedgehog was hit by a car.we nee..."
Posted: by Justin_Bean
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 1683    Replies: 4
"Hello all! Ok, so basically, I have been leading this slow paced life. Did a little bit of traveling which was amazing. Been spinning poi for a couple years now. My problem is with find..."
Posted: by Soundwave09
Last Reply: by Nellen03
Views: 1387    Replies: 1
"If you plan on coming to the states you got to stop in at the Backwoods Arts Gathering! Check it out at Backwoods Arts Gathering"
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 35747    Replies: 30
"i shall be heading over to new zealand with a few friends at the start of feb for the 12th new zealand, International Juggling Festival and i was wondering what the must see things in n..."
Posted: by aar0n
Last Reply: by Papala
Views: 1429    Replies: 3
"just moved to cambridge. justin thorne. wheres the spinners?"
Posted: by NothingsPerfect
Last Reply: by NinaPoi
Views: 7808    Replies: 23
"Penn State is wonderful because I can take a tai chi class for credit.Tai chi is wonderful for a multitude of reasons. All I can say is that anyone with the opportunity to take it shoul..."
Posted: by fire_duck
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" Hey! Someone in Thailand on Koh Samui? I am here for the winter and spring, but it's so boring one twist poi! Let's share the experience!"
Posted: by Wooktastic
Last Reply: by diffrentcopy
Views: 53631    Replies: 90
"We already have the poll that suggests people born under fire signs of the western zodiac are more likely to be fire spinners. I'm interest to see if any sign on the Chinese zodiac is m..."
Posted: by brenna666
Last Reply: by micahhussy
Views: 3991    Replies: 6
"Hi AllMyself & partner have moved to Rockingham near Perth in WA. We are looking to see if anyone in and around the area are into Poi and if there are any events or meets that we ar..."
Posted: by ahayes
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"Hello everyone,I am doing a market research survey for my Thesis project in Web Design, in regards to Entertainers and Entertainment listing sites (like GigMasters & GiG salad). If ..."
Posted: by Puk
Last Reply: by Addison02
Views: 3696    Replies: 10
"Okay im going to get that dreaded (mortgage ) And purchase a place of my own Im hoping for a townhouse/unit closer to the city cause of work and such. Im just asking for advice on legal..."
Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by Addison02
Views: 15923    Replies: 45
"Ok - Well, I've just been told that Frodo has found my cutlery which I didn't even realise I'd lost, plus people seem to have lost poi, socks and other bits and bobs.So - post here what..."
Posted: by Lostface
Last Reply: by Lostface
Views: 1669    Replies: 3
"I entered the home of poi facebook flower contest and am a few more votes away from having my own set of LED toys. Ive been spinning for about 3 years but am very poor and cant afford t..."
Posted: by Man_in_the_mask
Last Reply: by landshark1
Views: 1588    Replies: 5
"i started spinning just for fun about 6 years ago and recently started thinking about getting a little more serious. ive tried choreographing routines and for one reason or another it's..."
Posted: by diffrentcopy
Last Reply: by nupo
Views: 2027    Replies: 7
"i saw a video on youtube a long time ago, once i started getting into this. its some sort of staff dancing veriation where the people use the staffs to help them spinn and flip. they le..."
Posted: by barefoot_travel
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"Hey there, if anyone is aware of a particular forum or site where I can find a current poi community in south africa I would very much appreciate it. Indeed if anyone erring this is in ..."
Posted: by ...{SAFE}...
Last Reply: by Twiztid Teala
Views: 1950    Replies: 2
"if your anywhere near the charlotte area in usa, then gimme a shout cause im going to start spinning with anyone and everyone, even that dude on the side of the street! starting tonight..."
Posted: by wicca15
Last Reply: by Man_in_the_mask
Views: 35789    Replies: 73
"ok so here is the deal, i run a small entertainment company in columbus ohio called PoiGlo. We specialize in performing Poi at other peoples parties. I am wanting to expand the business..."
Posted: by Karsen_Moon
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"I have all the parts to make a Contact Staff but need help with the honeycomb wicks. I only have 1 inch thick flat wick and dont want to have 4 pieces next to each other. Any help would..."
Posted: by Domestibot
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 3920    Replies: 4
"Hey All, So last July a group of friends and I were invited to perform for a naturist resort, and I have to say, it was one of the most fun experiences of my life, and not just from a p..."
Posted: by Ryan_Kelly
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 1600    Replies: 5
"Was just wondering if the ninja v3s have a warranty. i only had them for a week before the cole cord started to tear(about 2 weeks ago). i have been really gentle with them but i believ..."
Posted: by Blaze Networks
Last Reply: by Daisy zhu
Views: 8174    Replies: 11
"okay so heres da scoop... I'm going to be Fire Spinning *poi, staff and clubs* for the First Night Celebrations.. aka New Years Eve Bash... and I'm Required to make and wear a costume....."
Posted: by SouloftheHeights
Last Reply: by beaniebob
Views: 3382    Replies: 1
"Just wondering what the best set up for fire poi would be? Is a paint can a good choice for refueling your fire poi? It seems a little bulky. What do your keep your fuel in? I was think..."
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