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Posted:Hey All, Rather short notice, but just remembered I hadn't posted here yet! I'm arranging an hour of glow Tai Chi and glow spinning (no fire please!) at the Bandstand in Aldershot's Princes Gardens, GU11 1NX from 8.30-9.30 or sometime after, tonight Sat 23 March.

The location is close to the town centre, but without lighting, and we have permission from the town council to use the gardens so we won't get booted off by the local police. There are just a few of us so far, so if we could generate a 'glow flash mob' then that would be awesome! Bring your Glow Toys & join in (free event). We have some cover under the bandstand if snowing, or we could move to a larger under cover area nearby if numbers are large.

Remember to turn off all lights etc indoors before you come out, and even if you can't make it then please support Earth Hour anyway!

Please spread the word to spinners in the Surrey / Hants area if you see this in time smile
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