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Posted:Hi All

Myself & partner have moved to Rockingham near Perth in WA. We are looking to see if anyone in and around the area are into Poi and if there are any events or meets that we arent aware of.

We have seen there is possibly one in Hyde Park, Perth on Tuesday nights does anyone know if this is still going as the post was pretty old.

Look forward to hearing from ya smile

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Posted:Hi. Try looking in the "Meet Others" section. Otherwise, I am pretty sure that there must be a few around. smile

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Posted:The Hyde Park Juggling Meets still happen every Tuesday around 7pm onwards. I haven't actually been there myself (yet) but I have a friend who does some contact staff-ing and he goes on a regular basis tongue2

The UWA Juggling Club also has occasion fire spinning events and has a weekly practice session every Friday.

Apart from that, I'd say the best way to meet other spinners would just be to do some spinning in a public place (not necessarily with fire mind you) and hope someone notices you. I was doing some fire poi the other night and a jogger ran over and as it turns out he'd been practicing poi for a few years tongue2

Hope this helps smile




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Posted:Hi anyone knew where I can continue my poi lesson here in Perth, do u know where I can meet other poi dancers? I been attending Poi class in Philippine for almost 5 months but I need to stop it because we moved in here. so, I'm looking for anyone who has the same interest. thanks,

hope to hear more from you guys... have a nice day


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Posted:Might be a bit more activity here, yo:

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Posted:I do not there.My friend Alex is there I am sure he might know someone there.I will pass on this to him.He is on visit visa.
I will update you.