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Posted: by Heph
Last Reply: by Superman
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"i promised myself i wouldn't post random thoughts without a question to ask, but i just had to show off for a minute! i figured you guys'd understand, anyway. so....last night a frien..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Finn
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"As alot of you know I took up sword swallowing and was making good progress. The end of last week I went to try to swallow more than a foot. My gag reflex kicked into high gear. This is..."
Posted: by Matt Hippy
Last Reply: by o-o
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"There is an article posted further down this forum concerned with a group of people called the League against Poi. Some people seem to be concerned with this or don't understand. The ..."
Posted: by Bish_the_Ding
Last Reply: by o-o
Views: 781    Replies: 1
"Hope this isn't Board-Abuse, if it is *lashings* of apologies all round ...Just wanted to know who from the .ZA crowd is going to Rustlers this Easter ? It would be cool to put some fac..."
Posted: by Superman
Last Reply: by Superman
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"Sup people..I cannot tell you how bad-ass it is to have found this web page!!I had never been to a rave, just a few clubs here and there. So I had seen a few people throwing some string..."
Posted: by ShawnF
Last Reply: by Skye
Views: 958    Replies: 4
"Ok... I was thinking about the various discussions of weights... like that lightsticks are lighter and longer. And of people adding lead to their fire poi for even more weight.So... wha..."
Posted: by Shibaki
Last Reply: by tekknogurrl
Views: 1018    Replies: 3
"Hey, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a site devoted to Liquid club dancing, this is an awesome site, I think it would be great to add a section devoted to t..."
Posted: by SsJ KaKaRoTtO
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 1336    Replies: 1
"well thanx for the fwd weave to bkwd weave, but how do u do fwd weave while turning 360 (i.e. do fwd weave 'n' turn 360 while fwd weaving. when u complete the turn, ur still fwd weavei..."
Posted: by SsJ KaKaRoTtO
Last Reply: by SsJ KaKaRoTtO
Views: 1889    Replies: 6
"all i want 2 know is how the hell do you turn 180 degrees and do the fwd weave!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!thanx in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Posted: by dangerboy
Views: 657    Replies: 0
"On Jan. 18th of this year, I put in an on-line order for some krill lights (battery powered glow stix) from the Kriana Corporation. They were pretty expensive, but I liked the idea of n..."
Posted: by emptyset
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Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Nomad
Views: 1363    Replies: 8
"Hey all,My girlfriend and I will be travelling to Burning Man this year. I'm wondering how many of the HOP'ers will be in attendence...I'm also wondering what the level of twirling is l..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by gάrbǿ
Views: 1966    Replies: 5
"Alright, so we have covered ages, how long we've been spinning, and injuries. I want to add to this fun little list...what has/have been your most embarrassing moments while spinning?I'..."
Posted: by Endangered Sanity
Last Reply: by Endangered Sanity
Views: 1314    Replies: 8
"Has anyone ever tried this? If so, was it any good?"
Posted: by TaiGuy
Last Reply: by tkerby
Views: 2038    Replies: 6
"Hey, I know their's bound to be some sort of posting already on here, with info on the fountain... but i'm too lazy to find it, and might as well start a new topic. So NEwayz... i under..."
Posted: by TaiGuy
Last Reply: by tkerby
Views: 1069    Replies: 7
"Iono bout everyone else, but in my opinion i really stink at this. Recently, we had a county wide dance for all the high schools in our area, and my friends were all like "go ahead! sho..."
Posted: by gάrbǿ
Last Reply: by Hapes-Nova
Views: 771    Replies: 5
"Just to anyone who read the message "anoying" (simos i know you did). Just like to clear it up that that was not me and was possibly someone using a computer where my password had been ..."
Posted: by Iandd
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 822    Replies: 2
"Can you change the meet others database to include England, Scotland, Wales amd Northern Ireland as the UK please? We're still the same country whatever anyone thinks, do this or change..."
Posted: by Thistle
Last Reply: by Thistle
Views: 996    Replies: 7
"I am having a really hard time atm. I have upset someone who used to be really close to me and she is spreading really nasty rumours about me. All my old friends are hearing them and be..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 1163    Replies: 6
"Hey All,Kate and I have started a regular fire meetup mainly concentrating on Poi swinging, from 8pm every Thursday night til 10 or later (depending on how tired we all are) on Henley B..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Charly
Views: 2955    Replies: 5
"Does anyone know how to spin with fabric flags or banners which are weighted? Is this still considered poi or is there a whole new name for this? I just saw a couple guys spinning wit..."
Posted: by Simos
Last Reply: by gάrbǿ
Views: 1127    Replies: 9
"...and just when i finally thought i figured out what Poi is really about i came across this; i wonder if there's any connection; check out this link if you are really bored : http://..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by ykaterina
Views: 1045    Replies: 1
"I was playing around a bit tonite with my meteor...which I hadn't picked up in ages. I took off one of the wicks and started flinging it around like a *really* long poi (over 4 feet lon..."
Posted: by Kat
Last Reply: by tkerby
Views: 934    Replies: 3
"My big sister just got herself some Poi. So, I'm hoping that when she goes home she (and I) will kick ass at Poi and be able to spin some fire together. I'm sure that the rest of the fa..."
Posted: by Ajtag
Last Reply: by Ajtag
Views: 1633    Replies: 8
"i have just built myself some nice new staff from al pole, but it just occured to me that fire can get quite warm and that a handle would not do me any harm.now what can i use? i though..."
Posted: by TheCleaner
Last Reply: by TheCleaner
Views: 1230    Replies: 4
"My system is kind of slow, so when the animations were loading they did so frame by frame. This was actually easier to learn from. Then watching it anitmated showed me what it looks lik..."
Posted: by smitty
Last Reply: by smitty
Views: 2344    Replies: 18
"ok, in advance, i am sorry for all the people who read this and dont like it,sorry if i wasted ur time.to the people who finish it, thankyou in advance.reciently (yesterday) my girlfrei..."
Posted: by Lazerous
Views: 604    Replies: 0
"I dont know how many of you are familiar with the movie Groove, but i saw it for the first time today and it made for a really good movie about raves. Anyway there was a song on there b..."
Posted: by gάrbǿ
Last Reply: by FuLLeFecT
Views: 974    Replies: 5
"OK, Am performing at this event with glow sticks. They don't have lack lights (UV) so I was wondering if it was at all possible to break open the glow stick and pour the liquid on to a ..."
Posted: by TaiGuy
Last Reply: by Lazerous
Views: 750    Replies: 2
"I know at least some of you people have heard of Dune... UK duo that was really big in 95' and 96' &lbr;but continue to impress&rbr;Well what do you think of their music and for twirlin..."
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 1743    Replies: 5
"A few days ago a club swinger a my local circus skills club showed me a move i've not seen before,,,,,,the under the leg weave.Wasn't too sure how well known this move is but it looks p..."
Posted: by Pele
Views: 1956    Replies: 16
"But I am excited and I thought I would share t with you all since everyone else thinks I am nuts...I recently took up sword swallowing...or trying it at least...and I managed to get jus..."
Posted: by TheCleaner
Views: 1075    Replies: 6
"Proposal: New discussion group.Why: I like to talk with people that have similar interest, but not necessarily about that interest. Maybe the Mod's could create a new group based on tru..."
Posted: by Stumpy
Views: 983    Replies: 6
"This is my first new topic so i hope someone reads it but i am slightly concerned about members of the public gasping in awe about being able to juggle. I believe that any person who wa..."
Posted: by Glitter Girl
Last Reply: by dangerboy
Views: 1147    Replies: 5
"Im looking for a flag pattern or instructions on how to make "flags". I've only seen them in a performance once and didn't get the chance to actually hold one in my hand. The image has ..."
Posted: by dangerboy
Last Reply: by TaiGuy
Views: 986    Replies: 1
"Was trying to figure out a way to spin in my space-limited apartment last night and picked up a pair of white athletic socks to spin. They were a bit light, so I put a 2$ coin in each o..."
Posted: by TheCleaner
Last Reply: by zenbient
Views: 792    Replies: 7
"HELLO!! I'd like to introduce myself to my newfound family. I admit that I have not read the message board much at all. Just wanted to get my first post out there, and express my newfou..."
Posted: by TheCleaner
Last Reply: by TheCleaner
Views: 1106    Replies: 4
"I nailed the weave after two days of trying . Back, front, and still working on the turn. Now comes the real hard part, I'm sure. How does one go about putting it all together? I can do..."
Posted: by Caroline
Last Reply: by TaiGuy
Views: 4477    Replies: 6
"I'm interested in taking a couple of firestick/poi lessons for an article I'm writing. Does anyone know of somebody who fits the bill? The main requirements are that the lessons take ..."
Posted: by monkeykat
Last Reply: by Simos
Views: 1500    Replies: 10
"found great fire screensaver at this sitehttp://beautifulsavers.efront.com/"
Posted: by dangerboy
Last Reply: by flash fire
Views: 1151    Replies: 2
"Hey folks,I tried to find the thread about how to post pics in the discussion forum, but can;t find it. Can someone refresh my memory?------------------Earth my body, water my blood, ai..."
Posted: by Dimitri
Last Reply: by Nomad
Views: 966    Replies: 2
"Hi,Since the drome has close we are still having trouble finding a new permanent venue for the juggling/twirling workshops.The next workshop will be held atThe ArchesOn the corner ofSou..."
Posted: by tekknogurrl
Last Reply: by gάrbǿ
Views: 945    Replies: 4
"i had an idea a few days ago- are there any jumproping moves that would somehow work with poi? i havent been able to find any good sites, but it was just a fun thought..."
Posted: by SpaceCadet
Last Reply: by SpaceCadet
Views: 3495    Replies: 10
"At what point do you start your 90 deg. turn on a forward weave? Thanks in advance!SC~"
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by gάrbǿ
Views: 1475    Replies: 8
"I'm wondering who out there does fire only in your performances and who adds other media. I'm not really talking about fire and UV, per se. I mean spinning with acrobatics or theater or..."
Posted: by ffirebell
Last Reply: by gάrbǿ
Views: 1863    Replies: 1
"Greetings fellow fire freaks, and glo-freaks... The plexiglass glo tubes... got them at store specializing in plastics... the tube is 3/4inch diameter, 1/2 inch on the inside, usually c..."
Posted: by Bish_the_Ding
Last Reply: by o-o
Views: 1213    Replies: 4
"Apologies! This post is identical to that posted in "new moves ..."I'm a mesomorph, 75 kgs, 1.8m tall with a stocky build. Now although I can smack people upside the head with a fully l..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 6886    Replies: 15
"Has anyone used or purchased fire juggling balls? I'm thinking of purchasing them but at 100 bucks I'd like to hear from someone with experience with them...Thanks"
Posted: by ffirebell
Last Reply: by ffirebell
Views: 1946    Replies: 6
"Hey I spun fire in Taiwan!! I thought there'd be more people into it here cuz of being a travellers mekka and so close to Thailand. Met a couple fire cats who fire breathed and did fire..."
Posted: by Argel
Last Reply: by AkA Blue
Views: 635    Replies: 2
"its my best dj that i have never heard, mostly to dance, its like a psytrance techno, get into his site its www.mauropicotto.com"