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Posted:Very cool strobe poi for those of you with money...check out this link:'s a shame about the price otherwise I would but two of them, wrap the wires round some string & weight the end - hey presto! an adjustable pattern funky set of poi!let me know what you think, or if anyone's gunna try it.Jo.

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Posted:Wow, they are quite cool.I am sure the price will come down (currently US$100 each). It seems that they are looking for investors for seed capital to move manufacturing of these to China( requires US$160,000). Where they will obviously be able to produce at a far cheaper price.Another option is the Globalls by aerotech projects which have a programmable strobe effect. These are very easy to turn into poi.The cheapest strobe option currently available is the "blink your eyes very quickly - function"
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It is really great to hear about new toys coming out all the time.

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Posted:A cheap alternative to this is to get little portable xmas light sets. I got some for xmas and they're great! They run on 2 AA batteries, are about 6ft long, and look sweet-ass when spun. I just taped some fabric around the battery pack for protection, then attached it to the end of a length of chain to act as the weight. The string of lights i taped along the length of the chain, then put some handels on, and it's ready to go. They ony cost a few bucks, though they may be a little hard to find out of season. Mine were purchased at a drug store, so they are fairly easily accessable.------------------Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath, fire my spirit

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