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Posted:Hey calling all Kiwi's, I'm interested in knowing what all you NZers think of your winter season... wheres the warmer spots, is rain a real bummer.. etc... I've just recieved my NZ citizenship by decent (my pa's a Kiwi), so I'm coming to NZ to check it out, love to know what other people think though'... Fairie firebell

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Posted:As a homesick NZ'er currently wintering in DC, I can tell you that it always rains a lot more in NZ, but hell, rain can be nice. Above Auckland is the "winterless north." And of course it gets colder as you go south. It ain't that hard to figure out, and NZer's love to talk about the weather. I'll give you one golden tip however, the wild and rainy West Coast (of the south island), is actually less rainy in winter (a fact not known my many).You do realise it's summer right now though, right?-Congrats on your duality, I am finding it handy myself!


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