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Keywords: "Not-1.5" as it's not 1.5 beats, it's 1 and 2-half beats...

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Comments/replies: 10
Member #3987
Reged: Jan 2003
22nd Apr 2008 1:26 PM 

What a brain teaser! What helped me get the move is pretending to do a giant spin on the same-arm-side... it helps to know where to place the pendulum and keep the other arm going.

peace ubblove weavesmiley

Genuineness only thrives in the dark -- like celery.

Member #72749
Reged: May 2008
12th Jun 2008 8:29 PM 

wow. thats really neat smile

Member #74364
Reged: Jun 2008
28th Jun 2008 9:51 PM 

have to admit im not a massive fan of this move, sorry!

Member #95564
Reged: Jul 2009
28th Jul 2009 1:12 PM 

Bet it looks awesome in fire

Cereal Killer
Member #97196
Reged: Aug 2009
26th Aug 2009 7:09 AM 

Well I think many of this kind of move are very hard to do with longer chains... or it's harder !

Member #112212
Reged: Jun 2010
10th Jun 2010 2:41 AM 

I think I've seen Alien Jon do this, and it looks really cool in a sequence.

Member #121540
Reged: Nov 2010
14th Nov 2010 1:27 AM 

this looks quite cool smile looks easy but i really know its not lol but i bet it would look REALLY cool with fire poi smile

Member #154973
Reged: Jul 2012
10th Jul 2012 4:36 PM 

Fantastic! I love the music behind this too!

Member #155870
Reged: Jul 2012
21st Feb 2013 6:59 AM 

explain how thats considered a weave

Member #159624
Reged: Oct 2012
30th Aug 2014 7:17 AM 

This cracks me up. It would be great for a gag show and pretending hte poi were stiff or magnetically attracted to each other.

Comments/replies: 10

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