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Comments/replies: 8
Member #28340
Reged: Dec 2005
17th Dec 2008 9:50 PM 

great instructional vid. yet to master the move still but the vid helps so much

ta. ubbrollsmile ubbrollsmile ubbrollsmile ubbrollsmile

Member #81330
Reged: Oct 2008
10th Jan 2009 2:44 AM 

iv watched this vid loads o times but i can do 2beat atomic weave now
smile gettin there

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Member #74364
Reged: Jun 2008
21st Apr 2009 11:58 PM 

Excellent Video nicely prepared.

Member #94279
Reged: Jul 2009
28th Feb 2010 5:43 AM 

hard. Is, can you do this as a 5 beat??? now there is challenge, as this is hard enough!!! just need to work on that horizontal plane. what a mind twister! x
A circle is a beautiful shape...I love being able to use this shape and recreate it in many forms through poi!

Member #72713
Reged: May 2008
25th Mar 2010 3:57 PM 

Keep trying! Persistence is the key, and don't skip mastering any of his steps. Once I got it, I couldn't believe how smooth it felt.

I like the Shpongle music in the background, Nick Cann.

Member #92884
Reged: Jun 2009
30th Mar 2010 5:50 PM 

this is very possible as both a four and five beat weave

Member #115142
Reged: Jul 2010
14th Jan 2011 7:16 PM 

This looks fantastic! Definitely on my "to learn" list! =)

Member #128051
Reged: Mar 2011
21st Oct 2011 11:10 PM 

I had a lot of trouble with this one until I downloaded the video, opened it up in VLC, clicked view>advanced controls, and looped his sequence at a ridiculously slow speed. If you have enough room to do this in your room in front of your computer, pick up your poi. It was the only way I finally understood it.

Comments/replies: 8