Advanced Weaves, Forward Weave (5 beats)

Advanced Weaves, Forward Weave (5 beats)

Poi - Forward Weave (5 beats)


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  Published on 14 Apr, 2009

Here's how to do the chase/weave (4 or 5 beats) When doing the chase "aka the weave" forwards and on your right your right hand will rotate over your left then you would normally swing that Poi to your left.
Instead of doing this just let it swing on your right again and curve your left hand over your right and down to your left.
Follow your right hand on to your left side and you will have done 4 beats on your right side.
Now both Poi are on your left you can untwist your arms to do 4 beats then back to the right and you will be doing the a '4 beat chase'.
If you want to do 5 beats on each side then when you untwist your arms on the left let your left Poi do an extra revolution than the normal chase and wrap your right wrist around your left and down to the right (mirror immage of what you did on your right).
You will have done 5 beats on your left and when you do the same on the right you will be doing a '5 beat chase' You'll notice that the pattern for your right Poi when doing 5 beats is 3 on your right and 2 on your left. Visa-versa for your left Poi.

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Reged: Dec 2009
Post31st Dec 2009 11:17 PM 

10 minutes of floppin' around and I got it! U are a great teacher! I knew I had it when the Poi (like you said) kinda look like they are swinging too close to eachother. I just need to fine tune now! Anyone still trying to get it.... You really have to lock your arms, one bent and one straight.

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Reged: May 2009
Post24th Jan 2010 11:30 PM 

I was having some problems initially, but I finally got it by really pronouncing the direction my hands point when I crossed them over... I also found that a useful way to remember where your hands should be is that, when they are crossing over the front of your body, they should be both facing outward. That is, that the backs of the hands should be touching each other when they cross.

Member #111259
Reged: May 2010
Post3rd Jun 2010 8:03 AM 

wow reading the comments really helps

Member #116450
Reged: Aug 2010
Post14th Aug 2010 5:31 PM 

Derek Faughn,

Thank you so much for taking the time to make these videos. I've spent over a month watching them and trying relentlessly to follow. I just did my first real burn today and it was exhilaration. Thank you so much.

Member #119965
Reged: Oct 2010
Post14th Oct 2010 6:28 AM 

I found this site not a week ago and already I have found out so much. I learned this one in a day due to the ever so helpful training videos. I'm working on the augmented moves, the reverse of the five beat, and the Atomic weave for now.

Member #123689
Reged: Dec 2010
Post26th Dec 2010 8:27 PM 

i love these tutorials.
this dude really know how to explain things.
my first week i could do forward 3 beat
reverse 3 beat
buzz saws
and a few other moves pretty smooothly...
but now on week two im stuck on the 5 beat and the ariwrap frown any suggestions?
there arent too many people posting helpful comment on the most basic videos frown

Member #130651
Reged: Apr 2011
Post1st Jun 2011 4:44 AM 

This is a really good video, i can see your hands and wrists really well which helped me alot thanks.

Member #132701
Reged: Jun 2011
Post11th Sep 2011 10:23 AM 

i can do it on the right side of my body, but i cant seem to learn it on the left side. i tried practicing the hand motions but it doesn't change anything. any advice ? so i'm stuck with a half 5 beat weave :P

Comments/replies: 8

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