Advanced Weaves, Reverse Weave (5 Beats)

Advanced Weaves, Reverse Weave (5 Beats)

Poi - Reverse Weave (5 Beats)

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  Published on 1 Mar, 2006

Now you have got the 5 beat weave/chase going. Try it in reverse.

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Comments/replies: 11
Member #79450
Reged: Sep 2008
Post11th Sep 2008 12:11 AM 

i will soon be able to master this one, it has been the thorn in my shoe for ages!!!


Member #85021
Reged: Dec 2008
Post18th Dec 2008 9:12 AM 

I think i broke my nose O.O

Member #86431
Reged: Jan 2009
Post21st Jan 2009 2:20 AM 

i don't know if i can do that there going backwards but they are battleing with the fatige of focal fustration combind with the diversity congnative conversion juggle

Member #93117
Reged: Jun 2009
Post15th Jul 2009 4:26 AM 

this one is alot harder than the forward 3 beat. strange.wonder
"Do or Do Not. There is no Try."
- Jedi Master Yoda

Member #93117
Reged: Jun 2009
Post15th Jul 2009 4:27 AM 

oops. i meant forward 5 beat. sorry.
"Do or Do Not. There is no Try."
- Jedi Master Yoda

Member #97964
Reged: Sep 2009
Post29th Jul 2010 10:39 PM 

Nearly... I can add the 4th beat right or left, when eyes closed...

When i open my eyes, i can't do it anymore...
Workin' on it, as 5 beats are something missing, when i say that i started working hybrid and isolations a while ago...

Member #115522
Reged: Jul 2010
Post25th Aug 2010 1:33 PM 

ugh, i cant get this, whenever i do it i can only get 4 beats, and i cant even do it cleanly, i cant figure out how the get the third beat with my right Poi (when on my right side, i cant get the third beat on my left Poi on my left side either)

Member #128237
Reged: Mar 2011
Post29th Mar 2011 5:49 AM 

Satra: nose, ear, and eye shots. i am with you.

Member #117420
Reged: Aug 2010
Post31st Mar 2011 10:12 PM 

this one was kinda tough, get the concept but its a weird wrist position. kinda tough at first to get the Poi to swing back around the the other side. tricky tricky

Member #140087
Reged: Oct 2011
Post22nd Dec 2011 4:00 PM 

hey man, you probs dont read these so ill PM you but dyou think you could redo this at a slower pace cuz i cannot see what your Poi are doing at all.
Liquid and Fire is a beautifully breathtaking combination

Kimmi Sierman
Member #238730
Reged: Jun 2016
Post9th Jul 2016 1:47 AM 

I cant see what the Poi r doing? :-(

Comments/replies: 11

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