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Location: Santa Cruz, CA

hello everyone. i'm new to this board and hopefully soon-to-be new to the world of Poi and firedancing. the only thing is i have no idea where to begin and noone i know firedances. so if anyone has any pointers for me or if anyone on this board is from santa cruz and wouldn't mind lending me a hand i'd appreciate it if you'd reply to this post or email me at thanks
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peace an' love-re

Lambretta Fanatic
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Location: United Kingdom

hey man if you look right up there above this message some where it will say meet others...just run a search for santa cruz there are details of 6 ppl registered on Home Of Poi in ur area.....good luck mate hope u get the help you wantpk


"To be an angel, one need not have wings.
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*Francois Couperin.

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Location: Upland, CA., USA

It's very simple. Just go down to Half Moon Bay beach any Friday or Saturday after sunset. Look for those circles of light. Join them.Maximus

Dj Masta Killamember
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Location: Staten Island, New York

I started soing Poi around the beginning of august and i learned all myu moves from HOP. This site is a great site to start learning on how to spin.

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Location: Santa Cruz, CA

sorry for veering off topic here but... dj masta killa, what do you spin? i think it's very interesting how firedancing spans across so many different subcultures and is incorporaited with music (weither it be a drum circle or a beach rave) more often than not.

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Location: saltspring island, bc , kanada

hey knotty how do you jump into fire without getting burned??? it sounds like a cool trick
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Location: London

Spinning pans across many different cultures and subcultures - I mostly spin at workshops or trance parties, but have been known to get them out to play with at goth/industrial clubs! It really is something you can do near enough antwhere! I'd love to do it on a baech in summer tho - that's one of my resolutions!



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