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Ash Blackstar

Ash Blackstar

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Posted:God, last night was a nightmare. I got the poi and my arm caught up in caution tape, I set my pants on fire (Didn't burn through so my leg was ok.) Hit my face with the poi (Not enough contact to burn though, thank God) and ended up so exausted that by the time it was all over, my dad and I went to Jack In the Box, got home, and my legs couldn't support me anymore.

My mom ended up with a serious burn though. A trail of flame caught her pants on fire, burned a whole through them, and left her with a second degree burn about the size of half a poi wick.

The skin has peeled off of it, it is totally red, and it is seeping clear fluid. She is in a lot of pain from it, and would like to know what ya'll do to treat poi injuries. She is currently using an aloe vera sunburn gel, and neosporin. Because of the area and the size of it, we are unable to keep a bandage on it. Any advice?

We are praying that it doesn't end up scaring.


Ash Blackstar

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Posted:*Slightly off thread*

Funny burn moment.
Last nite my friend was doing wire wool.. I was standing quite a way away - but I managed to get a tiny little bit of molten metal down the neck of my hoodie.. it got into my bra and burnt my boob! I got a little burn smaller than the size of a match head. Ha ha - I know it shouldn't be funny but it's just the way that it got to were it ended up.

Ash - I sincerly hope your mom heals quickly. Vitamin c in her diet should help her body to make cells to repair the damage.

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Posted:I am sorry this information is too late to be effective, However, Silvadene Cream is the best thing.
Take it from someone who had 20% of their body covered in 3rd degree burns... this is good stuff. Here is a website that can tell you more about it. In the US it is perscribed but in the UK and europe you should be able to get it over the counter.
Also as odd as it may seem... in the future if you ever get burnt that baldy MOTOR OIL is one of the best things to put on it. it will draw the heat out of your arm and prevent "internal cooking" after the flames are out.

Questions feel free to contact me.

Be well

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Posted:Think I said this elsewhere somewhere...but when wearing denim cutoff (e.g. loose thready thingy's) ..these can catch alight REALLY quickly and have nice big chunky flames licking at your butt in a second or two.

Not speaking from experience or anything.. I certainly didn't catch my pants on fire while twirling at a funeral wake...pfft that would be silly...

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Posted:i am a emt and the best thing for burns is air do not put any thing on there at all let it heal and if you want to protect then put a sterile badge aroun it

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Posted:in future i would use something like parafin thats what i use and it doesn't burn you as easily, if you are wearing thick cotton or denim it will just brush you and leave a black mark.

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